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GL Noble Denton Purchases Intergraph® SmartMarine Technology to Optimise Offshore and Ship Design

GL Noble Denton, the global independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, will standardise on Intergraph SmartMarine® Enterprise, including SmartMarine 3D, to replace its existing design solution for offshore and marine assets. This move will enable the company to increase the functionality and usability of its engineering designs, as well as to improve the data consistency between the schematics and the outfitting within its projects.

SmartMarine 3D is the world’s most advanced offshore and shipbuilding design solution, providing companies with the capabilities they need to gain and maintain an edge in a highly competitive industry. SmartMarine 3D is breakthrough engineering technology that is data-centric, knowledge and rule-driven, streamlining marine asset design processes and improving delivery schedules, with increased detail and manufacturing design productivity of up to 30%.

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