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NIAEP Partners with Intergraph to Develop Solution for Nuclear Power Facilities Design and Construction

Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Company ‘Atomenergoproekt’ (NIAEP), a leading Russian nuclear power plant engineering, design and construction company, and Intergraph® will jointly develop a specialised solution for nuclear power facilities design and construction management.

NIAEP currently uses Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise solution to design the nuclear power units of Rostov NPP and plans to use SmartPlant Construction and SmartPlant Review to build new units. As an Intergraph premier partner, NIAEP will use the existing technologies
SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Materials, SmartPlant Construction and SmartPlant Review to design, build and manage complex project scheduling capabilities and to create a new technology, which fulfills the unique demands of nuclear power facilities.

The new technology for nuclear power will provide a full spectrum of 3D engineering and design capabilities combined with opportunities for construction management (including work duration), work force and logistics during the construction phase of the nuclear power facilities
(engineering design (3D), materials (4D), schedule (5D) and resources (6D) in a single project management model). This will allow NIAEP to reduce the construction intervals, while increasing the company’s productivity, quality and safety. Additionally, this new technology will allow Intergraph customers to improve project executing quality, optimize project execution terms and perform construction management more flexibly.

“Intergraph is the recognised leader in development of engineering software for designing of nuclear power industry enterprises,” said Alexander Kuznetsov, deputy chief engineer, NIAEP. “We hope to intensify the productivity growth we’ve already obtained using SmartPlant
Enterprise solutions. Now, as a premier partner, we can accomplish even more complex tasks to design and build nuclear power facilities more efficiently.”

Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph process, power and marine president, said: “Our strategic partnership with NIAEP will benefit both NIAEP, Intergraph and the industry in general, by reducing the time and cost of designing and building nuclear power plants. It will also increase Intergraph’s contribution to the growth of nuclear power industry of our customers in Russia.”

SmartPlant Enterprise is an integrated set of solutions that provides design, construction, logistics data management capabilities needed for the creation, safe operation, technical support and capital project life cycle management (CPLM) of large-scale power generating facilities, ships and offshore projects, and other infrastructure facilities. Intergraph software comprise
intelligent means of engineering and data storage based on design rules and enabling the users to design and manage data efficiently, improve the facility safety even at the early design stages and construct and manage efficiently the design data throughout the life cycle of an enterprise.

SmartPlant 3D is the industry’s most advanced, most productive next-generation 3D design system on the market. It offers numerous unique capabilities, including automated, rule-based design. Customers using SmartPlant 3D typically report 20% – 35% increases in
productivity. The SmartPlant Construction solution was created to more efficiently manage power generation facilities, ship and offshore and other infrastructure facilities construction and is aimed at productivity growth, accelerated terms of project completion and reduced costs and risks. SmartPlant Review is a solution for industrial facilities that enables them to visualise 3D
data of any complexity level.

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