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Intergraph Releases Smart 3D 2011 R1 for Enhanced Quality and Productivity

Intergraph has released upgrades for its market-leading, next-generation plant, offshore and material handling design solutions, SmartPlant 3D, SmartMarine 3D and SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition, collectively known as Smart 3D.

All three Smart 3D 2011 R1 solutions are available to customers in the process, power, offshore and marine industries. Current users report that Smart 3D solutions deliver significantly higher productivity than other solution.

Smart 3D 2011 R1 customers now have additional licensing flexibility to combine any of the three applications – SmartPlant 3D, SmartMarine 3D and SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition – with any other Smart 3D license.

The advantages of Smart 3D licensing flexibility include reduced administrative costs; additional features available to the plant market from running the marine product; built-up members; and construction management. By upgrading to the latest release, users will now be able to have access to all functionalities of Intergraph’s integrated Smart 3D solutions.

Smart 3D extended its 3D modeling capabilities to address the needs of the offshore design and fabrication industry. Specialized Advanced Plate Systems (APS) quickly and efficiently model complex nodal connections for offshore topsides structure composed of ring plates, continuity plates, base plates, transition plates, cap plates, and more. Complex member end-cuts for welded connections can be applied to the various configura¬tions typical in offshore projects from front-end engineering design through steel cutting.

The unprecedented integration between Smart 3D and SmartPlant P&ID is another greatly enhanced feature in the new version, promoting improved quality and higher productivity. The upgraded automatic correlation functionality finds and makes items the same between SmartPlant P&ID and Smart 3D, including topological checks on pipelines, thus saving users valuable time on projects. Also, any minor inconsistencies to include topological inconsistencies like vents and drains that are modeled in Smart 3D, but not in SmartPlant P&ID can be easily approved with the ‘approve inconsistencies’ feature.

Smart 3D 2011 R1 further enhances Intergraph’s ground-breaking 3D interoperability. Datasets generated from multiple sites can be checked for interferences against one another in a single Smart 3D project. Smart 3D also now offers the ability to create and save intelligent connections to referenced datasets.

Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president, said: "Intergraph’s integrated Smart 3D solutions are being used by an ever-increasing number of companies worldwide to boost productivity, accelerate projects and gain a competitive edge."

SmartPlant 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D plant design solution, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that is focused on rules, relationships and automation.

It is the most advanced and productive 3D plant design solution that effectively enables optimized design, increasing safety, quality, and productivity, while shortening project schedules. Companies using SmartPlant 3D typically report a 30% improvement in overall engineering design productivity.

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