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Sea & Land Project Engineering

Engineering, Design and Consultancy Services for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Sea & Land Project Engineering provides engineering design and consultancy services to offshore oil and gas industries.

46-50 Coombe Road,
New Malden,
KT3 4LH Surrey,
United Kingdom

46-50 Coombe Road,
New Malden,
KT3 4LH Surrey,
United Kingdom

Sea & Land

Sea & Land Project Engineering provides engineering design and consultancy services to offshore oil and gas industries.

Founded in 2010 from the London-based engineering group SLP Engineering, the company has built on its personnel’s strengths and experience in providing structural design and consultancy services to offshore developers, as well as contracting companies carrying out engineering procurement commissioning (EPC) and engineering procurement installation commissioning (EPIC) projects.

Over the last 30 years, Sea & Land has developed its skills through various oil and gas projects and has recently started to apply the same skills to offshore renewable energy markets.

Offshore structures foundation design

Sea & Land’s project experience covers a wide range of services required to execute an EPC or EPIC project.

Services performed by Sea & Land include:

  • Feasibility and conceptual design, which is often carried out during a tendering phase
  • Detailed design
  • Support-to-material procurement
  • Construction engineering for site supports and heavy lifts/roll-ups
  • Load-out engineering
  • Design for transport, lifting and installation
  • Marine engineering
  • Installation supervision
  • Liaison with T&I contractor, Certifying Authority and Marine Warranty Surveyor

It is this continuous involvement throughout the project lifecycle that distinguishes Sea & Land’s engineering capability from other organisations. The skills and experience gained from the company’s projects can further benefit other clients’s projects.

Our support during the tendering process of our clients usually requires a design definition that is as close to the final design as possible. This can only be achieved due to the experience we have built up over many similar projects. Our designs take the construction facilities of our clients into account, facilitating the construction of the client’s original design wherever possible.

These skills are used by developers in the early stages of their projects, in order to get design concepts that are construction-friendly and realistically priced, so clients benefit from these early costs.

Conceptual and detailed engineering

Sea & Land’s past projects include the conceptual and detailed foundation design for platforms that have ranged from 500t minimum facility platform (MFP) jackets in water depths of 20m-50m to wellhead and accommodation jackets in water depths up to 106m.

Our most recent project is for a 6,000t jacket for the new bridge-linked wellhead platform to be installed on the Montrose field in the North Sea. Our capabilities extend to the structural design of process and drilling platform topsides, in addition to the complete topside design of accommodation and substation platforms.

Subsea structures design and pipeline protection

Sea & Land designs subsea structures, which have been installed at various locations worldwide. Our range of subsea structures include mid-water arches, gravity and piled foundations, pipeline end terminations (PLETs) and pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs).

The design of concrete mattresses for pipeline and cable stabilisation and protection is an additional area supported by our design team.

Sea & Land Project Engineering

46-50 Coombe Road

New Malden



United Kingdom