WeSubsea Dredging and Subsea Tooling Equipment

WeSubsea is a subsea dredging specialist, supplying market-leading dredges and subsea tools. Able to develop custom solutions where required, the company provides technical solutions to reduce downtime, risk and equipment damage, alongside optimising quality and flexibility.

WeSubsea is well known in the industry as a reliable, quality and technically innovative company. The flagship company dredger, along with our other equipment, services and tooling for subsea operations, is aiding the company in become a leading supplier for subsea contractors.

Dredging equipment for divers or remotely operated vehicles

WeSubsea’s range of dredgers has been designed for deep-water dredging, debris removal, rock dump and drill cut removal, pipeline deburial, excavation and environmental work, and can be operated by either divers or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Fabricated from titanium, the dredgers are lightweight but extremely robust. Built with as few moving parts as possible, they are not only reliable but extremely efficient. With no external pump units they are easily mounted to an ROV and have a very small deck footprint.

Our ROV dredger comes in four different sizes: 4in, 6in, 8in or 10in.

ROV tooling and support

WeSubsea’s experience providing subsea equipment has evolved into first-class designs for ROV accessories, for the diving and subsea support industries.

The success of WeSubsea’s ROV dredger range has encouraged the company to adopt continuous research and development for new equipment, enabling it to remain at the forefront of the subsea equipment market.

Whether your requirement is for ISO/API standard intervention tools or for a custom project, we deliver products that perform consistently in the most demanding and hostile deepwater environments worldwide.

Subsea baskets

WeSubsea can provide standard or bespoke subsea baskets in a range of capacities from 1t-40t. These include:

  • Pipeline recovery baskets
  • Well intervention baskets
  • Heavy-duty construction baskets
  • Heavy-duty debris baskets

All baskets have been designed to maximise safety and effectiveness; the pipeline recovery baskets have a two-part wire sling and an external / internal ladder for safe access. Heavy-duty baskets have fitted lids for extra security.

Lifting frames for concrete mattresses and big bags

WeSubsea’s lifting frames are designed for use with big bags and concrete mattresses.

Concrete mattresses are either 4,900kg and 9,800 kg and moulded using the highest-quality concrete, include a Danline 14mm / 22mm UV stabilised polypropylene rope and are flexible enough to fit the subsea pipe outline. Lifting cranes from WeSubsea can handle mats up to 24,000kg.

WeSubsea supplies big bags with one, two or four lifting loops. Lifting frames for use with these are rigged with four Crosby ROV hooks and can lift weights up to 7,000kg.

Research and development

WeSubsea is committed to further research in order to optimise the design for subsea ejectors. Thanks to technical breakthroughs, WeSubsea is able to provide the most efficient and highest capacity equipment on the market. We are also able to offer customised design solutions.

WeSubsea is based in both Kristiansund, Norway, and Aberdeen, UK. For more information about our products, please contact our offices or use the form below to send your enquiry.

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Press Release

WeSubsea Introduces Two New Titanium ROV Dredger Systems

WeSubsea is proud to announce the release of two new versions of our award-winning titanium ROV dredger systems.

WeSubsea AS

Omagata 110C

Bygg 43

6517 Kristiansund


+47 71 71 04 00 www.wesubsea.no/

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Press Release

11 March 2015

WeSubsea is proud to announce the release of two new versions of our award-winning titanium ROV dredger systems.

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11 March 2015

WeSubsea, the global ROV and diver dredging company, are proud to announce the appointment of Jason Wilson as the new UK managing director.

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Regional Offices

WeSubsea AS

Postboks 2208

6503 Kristiansund


+47 71 71 04 00
WeSubsea AS

Omagata 110C

Bygg 43

6517 Kristiansund


+47 71 71 04 00 www.wesubsea.no/
WeSubsea UK

Unit 10, Blackhall Industrial Estate

Burghmuir Circle


United Kingdom

+44 1467 625277

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