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Liberty Tower & Flare

Offshore Flare Systems and Towers, and Inspection and Fabrication Services

4433 3rd Street,
United States of America

4433 3rd Street,
United States of America

Liberty Tower & Flare embraces everything from the construction and installation of flare systems to flare towers. This includes project management, site superintendent, commissioning, scheduled maintenance, field services, fabrication, refurbishment and rental flare support, as well as retractable systems.

Other services available to our customers include inspections, maintenance, repairs, painting and technical services. We also provide a 24/7 emergency service to our clients. We have an excellent team of riggers and technicians trained and experienced in flare stacks and flag poles.

We are a turnkey, full-service contractor of flare and vent stacks, service and installation. Our clients’ best interests are always our priority.

Retractable messenger cable systems

Liberty Tower & Flare has developed proprietary retractable messenger cable systems, which are designed for refinery, chemical, petrochemical, production and offshore flare structures. These systems can deploy and retract electronic pilots, flame front generator (FFG) pilots, dual ignition systems, dual pilot systems, single or multiple thermocouples, and single or multiple aviation lighting systems.

Our retractable messenger cable systems can support single or dual functions; for example, attaching an automatic / manual FFG pilot with airborne flame front ignition and thermocouples and/or aviation lighting systems to one retractable system. Liberty Tower has installed and field-tested the retractable messenger cable systems on 500ft-tall flare structures to prove their capability in the offshore industry.

Today, our customers are experiencing adverse weather and flaring conditions. Our retractable messenger cable system capabilities allow operators to have access to all elevated flare pilots, ignition systems, thermocouples, aviation lighting systems and lightning protection systems. Our solution is to implement preventive maintenance, inspection, repairs, upgrades and replacements without shutting down your flare system.

Flare system repairs, maintenance and construction

Liberty Tower & Flare offers practical experience and knowledge of proven methods and systems in the flare and vent stack industries. Throughout the Gulf Coast area, we are known for our ability to take on repairs, maintenance and construction jobs of all sizes in emergency or non-emergency situations.

We believe strongly in our responsibilities as a full-service contractor and in the importance of constantly providing our customers with the most up-to-date technology, equipment and solutions available.

Offshore inspection, installation, maintenance and fabrication services

Liberty Tower & Flare has formed strategic alliances with industry engineering and construction companies, equipment vendors and major manufacturers for complete turnkey solutions. We pride ourselves on responding to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace and in continually enhancing our training with worldwide coverage and flexibility. We offer the following services:

  • Inspection services: visual and photographic, guy cable inspections, structural and technical inspections
  • Installation and replacement services: flare tip, mole seal, electronic igniters, steam lines, gas and igniter lines, and flame front generators
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Guy cable greasing, tensioning and replacement
  • Painting services and lead abatement
  • Replacing and/or patching refractory
  • Fabrication
  • Stack plumbing
  • Installation of retractable systems
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing

Fabrication services for flare tips and rolled alloys

Liberty Tower & Flare maintains a fabrication shop capable of designing, fabricating, repairing or rebuilding. We stock most of the replacement parts for flare tips and rolled alloys of various types and diameters, enabling us to rebuild tips and mole seals in a short period of time for our flare and vent stack clientele.

We provide quick turnaround repairs on-site or at our fabrication facility. Our facility is located in a modern, grade-level building and has easy access to all forms of shipping and receiving. Our two-acre site is centrally located in Bacliff, Texas, US, for quick emergency support for all repairs and services.

Fabricated stacks and flag poles

Liberty Tower & Flare has the engineering and designing capability to fabricate stacks and flag poles. Before any manufactured product leaves our facility, you can rest assured our fabrication manager has approved the quality and integrity of your purchase.

We at Liberty Tower & Flare feel that keeping all aspects of the project in-house is crucial to guaranteeing quality assurance and cost effectiveness, which is passed on to the customer. All stacks, towers and flag poles designed in our shop are of the highest grade of domestic steel and hot dipped galvanized or coated to our clients’ specifications.

We employ the most knowledgeable, certified welders in the industry. Our experience in the refurbishment and repairs of flare tips and flare stacks, flare derricks, flare pilots and associated piping offers our customers a single-source construction capability.

Liberty Tower & Flare, Inc.

4433 3rd Street





United States of America