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Zeeco, Inc., started out in 1979 as a small operation based on the big idea that better results come from a clear focus on expertise, reliability and innovation. Zeeco burners, flares and incinerators (thermal oxidisers) serve the hydrocarbon processing industry worldwide, meeting the strictest emissions requirements and surviving some of the harshest operating conditions on the planet, including the world’s hottest and coldest climates and the North Sea’s deepest drilling operation.

In addition, Zeeco designed the world’s largest demountable flare and the world’s largest SRU thermal oxidiser. With its continuing focus on innovative products, Zeeco serves today’s refining, petrochemical, production, power and pharmaceutical industries through new ideas and new approaches like using the waste heat from thermal oxidisers in gas processing plants to reduce plant fuel costs and boost bottom line gas sales.

Thirty-four years and nine expansions later, Zeeco now employs over 500 people in its Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, US corporate headquarters alone and has offices and staff in over 14 countries. Continuing a legacy that pioneered the development of permeate gas incinerator technology for the natural gas processing industry, Zeeco continues to design innovative, industry-changing products like the patented GLSF Next Generation Ultra-Low NOx Free-Jet Burner and HPAAS Flaring Technology.

Process and steam low-NOx burners

Zeeco is an expert in combustion engineering and has installed thousands of conventional, low NOx and ultra-low NOx burners worldwide. These reliable, durable burners are currently in use in a variety of upstream, exploration and production, power and processing applications.

Zeeco’s product range includes process heater burners, duct burners, boiler burners, radiant wall burners, ethylene cracking burners, reaction furnace burners, acid gas burners and inline burners, all offered in a range of NOx emissions levels from next generation ultra-low NOx to conventional burners. Known for innovative burner designs that have long-term lower costs of ownership, Zeeco designs and manufactures process and steam burners for many specific applications including refineries, power plants, HRSG uses, chemical and petrochemical processing and others.

Zeeco also provides related equipment, such as burner ignition systems, burner control systems, pilots, burner management systems, and packaged fuel skids.

Flares and flare systems

Zeeco is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of smokeless flares and flare systems for a range of industrial applications, including refining, onshore / offshore production, well testing and gas processing. From refining to petrochemical, and LNG plant flares to flares for the pulp and paper, landfill, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries, Zeeco has the experience and technical expertise to design the right flare for the job.

A wide variety of flares are available, including standard utility flares, air-, steam- or gas-assisted flares, high pressure / low pressure staged flares, sonic flares, multi-point flares, burn pit flares, ground flares and enclosed ground flares, so you can be sure that Zeeco can provide the right product for your application, onshore or offshore.

Zeeco flare systems can include self-supported, guy wire supported or derrick supported flare stacks, according to your requirements. Zeeco also offers engineering services to assist in the design, build and erection of multi-million dollar flare projects.

Vapour control systems

Zeeco also manufactures vapour control systems, including vapour collection systems, flare gas recovery systems and vapour combustors. Vapour collection systems are used to route and control combustible vapours. They can be custom engineered for each application. Flare gas recovery systems are an excellent way to reduce emissions and costs as they recover waste gases that would normally be flared, redirecting them to be used as fuel gas elsewhere in the facility.

Thermal oxidisers / incinerators

Thermally treating waste matter is a safe and effective primary method for disposing hazardous and non-hazardous materials worldwide. Zeeco offers a complete line of vapour and liquid incinerators (thermal oxidisers) to dispose of waste streams, including sulphur tail gas, acid gas, BTEX vapours, chlorinated hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, waste gases and waste liquids. Zeeco also designs and builds a complete array of equipment for sulphur plants. Reaction furnaces, inline reheat burners, acid gas burners, Claus combustion chambers, reduction furnaces and vent stacks are just a few of the equipment items available.

Traditional methods of waste incineration produce unacceptable levels of nitrogen oxide emissions. To limit the formation of NOx, Zeeco employs a multi-stage low-NOx incineration process. Zeeco has a wealth of experience with nitrogen-bound waste thermal oxidisers, including systems ranging in size from 1.0MMBtu/hr (0.25MMKcal/hr) to more than 450MMBtu/hr (114MMkcal/hr).

Carbon monoxide (CO) incinerators oxidise CO-rich waste gases that are typically generated by cracking operations at petroleum refineries. Zeeco is an approved supplier of carbon monoxide incinerators for all of the world’s major FCC/RCC process unit licensors. Zeeco carbon monoxide incinerators have a typical waste destruction efficiency of >99.99%. They ensure flame stability and proper ignition of the carbon monoxide waste stream.

Aftermarket parts and service

The Zeeco Aftermarket Parts and Service team recently launched the Rapid Response Team (RRT). Zeeco implemented several key changes in the critical path for most replacement or refurbishment projects to shorten response and delivery times and to improve production in both the regular and aftermarket workflows. Zeeco Aftermarket Parts and Service makes replacement flare tips, gas tips, ignition systems, pilot parts and more for all Zeeco equipment and for other providers’ equipment as well, all with quick turnarounds on estimates and fast shipping.

Key attributes of the RRT approach include:

  • Dedicated, experienced estimating and engineering resources
  • Separate production facility with machining, welding, plasma cutting, pipe bending, cutting and threading all in house
  • Dedicated purchasing and supply chain management
  • Separate quality control/inspection team
  • Dedicated packaging and shipping
  • International manufacturing facilities for worldwide project response

Maintaining a separate aftermarket workflow solves the bottlenecks that are the most common problem when quick-turn projects must interrupt the existing production schedule.

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