Anton Paar launched its brand-new viscometer SVM 1101 Simple Fill, offering standards-compliant density and non-standards-compliant viscosity analysis at a competitive price.

Ease of use is guaranteed, the SVM 1101 Simple Fill means no syringe is required, and it’s truly portable. It’s only 6.5kg with low power consumption (75W), and it can run on a battery for truly portable testing away from the laboratory. No other multiparameter device in this price range and with this precision offers battery operation for truly portable use.

SVM 1101 Simple Fill delivers fully compliant ASTM D4052- and ISO 12185-compliant density measurements in combination with fast viscosity results. It’s the only budget-friendly multiparameter kinematic viscometer on the market, enabling the measurement of all required parameters with one instrument.

Semi-automatic measurement means cost-efficient simple handling, automatic cleaning, and drying with an integrated air pump to prepare the instrument for the next test. There’s only a two-minute operator time per measurement.

It is designed for ease of use, very little training time is needed. Features such as FillingCheck™ guarantee accurate filling, eliminating human error, to ensure there’s a low error rate..

Explore the power of SVM 1101 Simple Fill, embrace the freedom of portability, enjoy unparalleled precision,
and contribute to a greener future.

SVM 1101 Simple Fill: Welcome to New Viscometry.

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