Anton Paar has launched the ETD 300 temperature device, enabling measurement of samples like asphalt, bitumen, hot melt adhesives, and waxes at temperatures all the way up to 300°C (from +25°C).

The ViscoQC accessory allows total control via the viscometer’s interface, without the need for separate temperature programme synchronisation. The most precise sample temperature control with the unique T-ready function and automatic spindle type recognition saves time, excludes errors and secures the highest repeatability. Magnetic spindle coupling makes spindle attachment faster, easier, and safer. The fully automated ASTM D4402 method frees up lab staff time.

The temperature device is applicable to Anton Paar’s ViscoQC 100 & 300 rotational viscometers. And it complies with ASTM D4402, D3236, AASHTO T316, EN 13302, and more.

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