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BBC Chartering

Heavy Lift Cargo Services for the Offshore Industry

Hafenstr. 10b,
DE-26789 Germany

BBC Chartering

BBC Chartering provides high-performance inducement services on more than 30 high-frequency project trades worldwide. The company’s performance has been demonstrated through single cargo transactions, project deliveries and various strategic partnerships since 1997.

Heavy lift vehicles for offshore applications

BBC Chartering operates more than 150 modern, multipurpose heavy lift vessels, which form one of the largest breakbulk fleets afloat. Operating one of the industry’s youngest fleets, charterers have learned to rely on the performance, safety standards and service quality of BBC.

With shallow draft characteristics, each vessel is capable of delivering any cargo to any port, including offshore operations. The company’s adjustable tweendecks optimise the vessel’s capabilities to accommodate cargoes of various dimensions.

Global network of industrial cargo vessels

BBC’s mission is to provide a worldwide network of vessels for every breakbulk, heavy lift, project cargo and bulk need. The size and versatility of its fleet ensures the best value for its customers by providing the right vessel for each cargo, while maximising efficiency and minimising waste.

With about 6,000 port calls annually managed through BBC Chartering, no other project carrier engineers more transports and executes more cargo operations worldwide.

Cargo delivery and ocean transport services

BBC’s ‘any port for any cargo’ (apac) service currently promotes high-performance inducement services on more than 30 worldwide project, breakbulk and general cargo trades. This promises a unique combination of an efficient liner service and the flexibility of a project tramp facility, which ensures a high-standard economics, quality, shipping performance and environmentally friendly global ocean transportation for breakbulk, general cargo and project.

Key customer benefits of BBC Chartering’s apac service include:

  • Coverage: more than 30 high-frequency trades worldwide
  • Flexibility: inducements along trade lanes, at any port for any cargo
  • High-value: integrated transport delivery and quality operations
  • Minimal risk: market-leading shipping performance
  • Reliability: BBC Chartering controls approximately 70% of the fleet

BBC Chartering’s apac service uses the world’s largest fleet of multipurpose / heavy lift (MPP / HL) vessels, and a comprehensive project chartering network, and has the ability to deliver integrated project solutions.

With 6,000 port calls annually managed through BBC Chartering, no other project carrier engineers more transports and processes more cargo operations around the world.

Recent offshore projects

In September 2014, BBC Chartering’s BBC Sapphire 14,800 pennyweight (dwt) vessel was employed to load a number of crown-mounted compensators (CMCs) and Hydrarackers in Norway, providing flexibility with its lifting capacity of 2 x 400Mt.

In addition to identifying the processes, procedures and requirements of the offshore industry, it is one of BBC Chartering’s 108 vessels registered with OVID, an inspection database developed by Oil Companies International Forum (OCIMF).

In March 2015, BBC Chartering was engaged to mobilise the cooling power needed for the new 500MW CCPT power plant in Western Australia’s Ichthys LNG project. The air-cooled condensers (ACCs) resemble large roof-like structures and they travel onboard two of the company’s crafts. Three 20m-high pieces weighing 235Mt fit on the deck the versatile heavy lift vessel.

BBC Chartering Awarded TOYO Volume Contract

BBC Chartering announces that is was awarded a strategic volume contract from TOYO Engineering Corporation (Japan), a leading specialist plant engineering company.