Fremantle Hydraulics offers its oil and gas industry clients an end-to-end hydraulic service, from hydraulic system design and manufacture, to installation and repair and servicing of complete hydraulic systems.

We can oversee all aspects of projects, including the design, assembly, components and onsite installation procedures, from our fully equipped Fremantle-based workshop and office. Our on-site ‘Nutcracker’ provides efficient automated hydraulic component dismantling and assembly of hydraulic cylinders, ensuring your downtime is kept to a minimum.

High-volume low-pressure hydraulic systems

We offer services for both simple and complex hydraulic applications on or off-site to the oil and gas industry, including the repair, overhaul and testing of the hydraulic components associated with deck winches, cranes and steering systems. We specialise in high-volume low-pressure hydraulic systems.

End-to-end hydraulic services

Fremantle Hydraulics offers clients complete end-to-end hydraulic solutions, from the design and manufacture of hydraulic applications using the latest computer-aided technologies (which enable us to offer the highest precision or the simplest design configuration) through to the installation, service and repair of all types of hydraulic systems and components.

Fremantle Hydraulics provides end-to-end hydraulic solutions for the Australian offshore oil and gas industry, overseeing all aspects of design, manufacture and installation of industrial hydraulic solutions.
Our on and off-site hydraulic system installation, repair and maintenance services ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum.
We handle everything from design and manufacture to installation, servicing and repairs of deck winches, cranes and steering systems.

Computer-aided hydraulic system design and manufacture

Using the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies, Fremantle Hydraulics can manage projects of any size, with the highest precision and simplest design configuration.

Hydraulic power units, cylinders and winches

Within our fully equipped Henderson workshop or on-site, our highly experienced staff can manufacture any custom or standard hydraulic components, including:

  • Power units
  • Cylinders
  • Winches

Hydraulic system maintenance and refurbishment

Fremantle Hydraulics also provides maintenance and refurbishment programmes for any hydraulic system using our unique ‘Nutcracker’. This system allows us to safely and efficiently dismantle and re-assemble the largest, most complex hydraulic components. Our mobile field repair services are available 24/7, which means your downtime is kept to a minimum and you will be operational again as soon as possible.

Fremantle Hydraulics offer services Australia-wide including:

  • Hydraulic component sales
  • Repairs and testing of components
  • Design and installation
  • On-site repairs and testing
  • Manufacture of power units
  • Hi-fog fire suppression system

Offshore hydraulic products

Fremantle Hydraulics is a distributor for Sauer Danfoss, Duffields and Reggiana.

Fremantle Hydraulics can also supply hydraulic products from Vickers, Eaton, Oil Control, Auburn, Parker, Aeroquip, Sun Hydraulics, Commercial Parker Group and Seastar Hydraulic Steering.

About Fremantle Hydraulics

Fremantle Hydraulics is a West Australian-owned company established in 1992. The company directors, Rob and Charlie Tranchita, have accrued over 30 years of experience in the offshore hydraulic industry with the objective of improving their status and commitment. Having had a working lifetime in the hydraulic industry, they can offer a service based on vast experience and qualifications.