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Heila Cranes specialises in the design and production of robust crane systems for marine applications, which are specially designed to deliver superior safety and reliability in adverse conditions.

The research and development (R&D), design and fabrication of our equipment is conducted in-house at our dedicated facility. We collaborate with a trusted network of qualified suppliers across the hydraulic and automation industries to ensure consistently excellent results, with personalised customer service throughout the project lifecycle.

High-performance cranes for offshore applications

Heila Cranes leverages cutting-edge design modelling technology during the development phase in order to accurately simulate the future working conditions of its crane units. This method allows all structural risks to be adequately addressed to minimise maintenance requirements and ensure long service-life.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our products via extensive field-testing and performance trials in collaboration with our business partners, as well as through the feedback from our consolidated after-sale service.

Our centre of excellence in the Netherlands offers a broad range of expert commissioning, inspection and upgrade services, in addition to providing spare parts and components for customers worldwide.

The facility features a state-of-the-art electrical manufacturing workshop fitted with the latest fabrication equipment, which is able to produce an array of systems that are carefully optimised for customers’ individual marine projects.

Industry-certified crane solutions for subsea projects

Heila’s experienced engineering staff possess extensive knowledge in the field of automation, which has enabled them to develop some of the safest and easily controllable offshore handling machines available on the market.

Our bespoke products can be designed to comply with an all-inclusive selection of industry regulations depending on customers’ needs, including EN 13852, EN 12999 and API 2C, along with standard classification society specifications such as ABS, BV, CCS, GL, LR, RINA, RMRS and DNV.

All our development, fabrication and servicing works are carried out in accordance with a well-established quality assurance system and are UNI, EN and ISO 9001 certified, which ensures outstanding safety, reliability and performance.

Heila can engineer marine crane systems to handle a broad range of sea wave heights and environmental conditions upon request. Our products are extensively tested to confirm they meet International Standards for Lifting Appliances and sea state code standards.

Foldable telescopic cranes for marine locations

Heila Cranes is able to provide a broad selection of highly practical foldable telescopic crane solutions with lifting capacities ranging from three tonne-metres ™ to 150tm depending on the intended application.

These user-friendly systems feature a highly ergonomic, compact design and have been designed to maintain a consistent torque during operation, which reduces the ‘pendulum effect’ of the load and facilitates safer, more efficient handling activities.

The effective, minimalist design of our foldable cranes ensures reliability and durability, while allowing for easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Telescopic cranes for oil and gas platforms

Heila manufactures hard-wearing telescopic crane devices featuring capacities spanning 3tm-90tm, which can be easily extended and retracted using innovative hydraulic systems that remove the need for a knuckle component. These systems require a hoisting winch installed for optimum safety and performance.

We also offer powerful telescopic knuckle boom crane systems with capacities between 60tm-1,000tm to suit a number of operational needs.

Our knuckle boom units are custom-built in line with clients’ individual specifications and can be fitted with a variety of boom lengths to ensure optimum performance in different sea conditions. They are primarily deployed for general cargo transportation activities, as well as dredging support, seismologic research and anchor handling purposes.

Heavy-duty cranes for cargo handling applications

Heila Cranes supplies an extensive portfolio of stiff boom cargo-handling cranes with capacities ranging from 10tm-4,500tm, which are intended for use in environments with abundant deck space to enable maximum manoeuvrability.

Units provide an efficient, cost-effective alternative to knuckle or telescopic booms and can also be deployed for hose handling applications, as well as on-board drilling rigs, windfarms and production platforms when required.

Furthermore, our portfolio of systems also includes jib cranes with capacities between 20tm-4,500tm, which  feature simple, minimalist designs with fewer joints to reduce maintenance requirements and servicing costs.

Our jib cranes are commonly deployed on-board fixed platforms and vessels with wide deck areas to provide assistance during cargo, hose or pipe handling operations.

Customised cranes and lifting solutions for marine sites

Heila’s heavy-duty lifting equipment is tailor-made according to clients’ own specifications in order to optimise performance and mitigate the safety risks often associated with offshore handling processes.

In addition to general cargo moving activities, our custom-fabricated systems are ideal for deployment across a diverse range of subsea applications, including safeguarding, oil and gas operations, as well as servicing works on-board vessels and offshore platforms.

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