Blue Iron Cove provides non-toxic cleaning formulations to replace hazardous chemicals in the offshore industry, including acids, caustics and dangerous solvents.

New chemical technologies offer improved performance and ensure that ISO 14000 Environmental Standards and ISO 18000 Occupational Health & Safety Standards are met.

With production and warehousing facilities in Brisbane and Perth, Blue Iron Cove effectively services overseas markets and Australia.

Non-hazardous cleaning chemicals for the offshore industry

Blue Iron Cove’s experienced industrial chemists provide non-hazardous, non-toxic formulations to replace traditional toxic or flammable petroleum-based products. These include solvents, chlorinated solvents, mineral acids, acidic detergents, caustic detergents, glycol ether and metasilicate-based degreasers.

Headquarted in Australia, Blue Iron Cove provides safe chemicals for offshore cleaning applications.
Our acid replacement technology is used for applications such as descaling, safe degreasing and well stimulation.
Blue Iron Cove's cleaning solutions reduce the risk of corrosion.

Safe cleaning solutions reduce lifecycle costs and prevent damage to assets, workers and the environment during cleaning processes.

Corrosion is a costly problem for offshore plants and equipment. Our safe chemistries eliminate these risk and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Acid replacement technology for oil and gas applications

In the oil and gas industry, Blue Iron Cove’s non-fuming EcoStim is used for descaling, safe degreasing and well stimulation. This acid replacement technology is an alternative to hydrochloric, sulfamic, organic and phosphoric acids.

EcoStim is safe for workers and the environment and will not corrode offshore plants and equipment. It also quickly dissolves scales in oil and gas production wells used in fracture stimulation spearheads. The acid replacement has an improved spend rate than hydrochloric acid, is easy to implement and reduces maintenance costs.

EcoStim can also be used to stimulate new wells to dissolve naturally occurring mineral deposits in the seam as part of the coal matrix. This product has been used in coal seam gas wells in Queensland and tested on coal cores at the University of Queensland.

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for offshore projects

As energy demands increase, the oil and gas industry requires high-performance solutions to preserve natural eco-systems where wells are drilled.

Blue Iron Cove’s complete line of biodegradable oilfield and marine products will clean, optimise and restore profitability and safety to the industry and environment.

Whether it is used to restore non-producing oil wells or clean and degrease oilfield rigs, barges and equipment, our plant-based maintenance and process products will help make oilfields and marine environments more sustainable.

Plant-based degreasers for the offshore industry

Blue Iron Cove’s plant-based degreasers replace hazardous solvents or caustic-based products. The VG 2020 Degreaser provides improved degreasing performance, leaving no residue on surfaces as it can be rinsed away with water.

The VG 2020 is an industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser made from a unique blend of non-flammable and fully biodegradable ingredients. It provides immediate dissolution of tar, crude oil, heavy hydrocarbons, combustion residues, greases and lubricants.

With five times the degreasing power of kerosene, the VG 2020 can also be diluted if the degreasing requirements are not severe.  Trade waste management is made easier as the degreaser is ecological, and degreasing can be performed quickly without the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).