Blue Iron Cove has launched a powerful new plant-based degreaser called VG 2020 to replace toxic solvents such as kerosene, diesel, d-Limonene and blended solvents.

VG 2020 has up to five times the solvency power compared to kerosene.

Both the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas Industries have a duty of care to reduce harmful impacts of chemicals into the environment, and VG 2020 allows for safe and effective degreasing in even the most difficult and intractable cleaning operations in refineries and terminals.

As a Rig Wash and degreaser for offshore, VG 2020 is readily biodegradable and will not damage the environment.  For a solvent, it is unique because it can be diluted with water to form a safe emulsion degreaser for lighter degreasing applications. When used neat, it can be rinsed off with water to leave a residue-free surface.

VG 2020 meets the needs of production and maintenance managers in terms of performance, lack of toxicity, environmental and safety criteria. VG 2020 is highly effective for cleaning off heavy contaminant tars, heavy hydrocarbons, and combustion residues, and is non-flammable.

With a Flash Point of more than 170°C, it may be used in confined spaces and areas with no potential for flash fires or explosion from the degreasing process.  Cleaning and degreasing operations in hot environments such as the steel and foundry industries, forges and glass smelters.

VG 2020 can be used undiluted, applied with a cloth or sprayed at low pressure, typically for oil & gas, heavy industry, offshore oil & gas and marine. It will clean off heavy oils, crude oil, tars, combustion & soot residues, coal tars, asphaltenes and heavy greases and lubricants.

Allow to act then rinse with a pressurised water jet or high-pressure spray. It may also be used mixed with water, at dilutions of 3% to 50% depending on the type of contaminant to be eliminated.  In offshore and marine applications, VG 2020 may be used with either saltwater or freshwater.