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New Sterile Disposable Handle for Polaris Lights

Maintaining proper hygiene before, during and after surgery is a complex procedure, requiring everything to work perfectly. This is especially important for surgical light handles as a high touch surfaces.

One solution is to use disposable handles that can simply be slipped over the inner handle of the surgical light. The disposable handle may neither slip off nor fall into the sterile operating area when attached. With a sterile, disposable handle made of soft material and equipped with a stable plastic ring, Dräger now offers an intelligent solution for its surgical lights. The disposable handle tangibly and audibly snaps into place indicating its perfect fit. A member of the surgical staff team must unlatch the handle for removal after the surgery. Once unlatched, this component cannot be mistakenly used a second time. The new disposable handle is available for Polaris 100/200, Polaris 600 and Polaris Multimedia.

Reprocessing multi-use handles for surgical lights entails a multitude of steps, from preparation and cleaning, to disinfection and sterilization, all the way through to repackaging and logistics. Disposable handles, however, have the potential to save on water, electricity, cleaning agents and packaging materials, as well as costs for transport and personnel.


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