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Dräger Regard 7000 Provides Flexible, Future-Proof Gas Detection Control

drager regard 7000

Dräger’s Regard 7000 system is a cutting-edge modular control solution that has been specifically designed for a variety of gas and vapour monitoring processes.

Its flexible expandability ensures long term viability for gas detection systems of increasing complexity.

In addition, it is backward compatible with previous Regard systems. Dräger designed the Regard 7000 for a wide range of applications and configurations.

It processes analogue transmitter input signals supporting remote access via HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer).

HART simplifies installation, configuration, maintenance, and documentation of the gas detection system.

A Modbus RTU output is available for retransmitting gas detection data to higher-level systems.

The most demanding alarm logic sequences can easily be programmed, such as delays for process optimisation.

More safety, fewer false alarms

The system architecture of the Regard 7000 prevents the entire system from failing if one component fails (single point of failure).

In addition, it is easy to add independent subsystems. False alarms are effectively reduced by optimised signal conditioning filters, manual alarm suppression, and the automatic comparison of analogue and digital transmissions.

Special analogue transmitter signals such as errors or warnings are indicated as text messages, making them easy for anyone to identify.

A simple, easy to read menu layout with user-friendly icons simplifies operation and increases your plant’s safety.

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