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Dräger Unveils New NIV Ventilation Mask with Silicone Sealing Lip

Dräger is pleased to announce the new ClassicStar plus non-invasive ventilation mask, which represents the first mask in the company’s NIV portfolio to replace the mask cushion component with an innovative silicone sealing lip.

Switching between different types of masks and mask materials helps patients prevent skin lesions and can increase the effectiveness of the NIV therapy.

Dräger’s NIV1 mask portfolio includes a range of different types of masks: nasal masks, NIV oronasal mask, and total-face masks.

The new ClassicStar plus means that users can now also choose between various materials for the seal interface: the ClassicStar plus has a silicone sealing lip, the NovaStar has a silicone gel cushion, and ClassicStar has an air-filled mask cushion.

Mask rotation supports the acceptance of NIV therapy

The different types of masks and mask materials enable masks to be used in rotation. The patient is alternately ventilated with different masks.

This prevents pressure points, skin irritations, and even skin lesions because the masks are not in contact with the same parts of the face and the contact pressure varies.

The stress on the sensitive nasal bridge is also relieved when switching between nasal, NIV oronasal and total-face masks.

Dräger senior product manager Dr. Meinhard Braedel said: "From studies and discussions with patients and hospital staff, we know that wearing comfort increases for the patient, if different masks are used.

"This is important, as research shows that wearing comfort can contribute to the acceptance of NIV therapy by the patient."

Mask position is individually adjustable

The anatomically shaped sealing lip of the ClassicStar plus ensures that the mask sits perfectly on the face.

The position of the mask can also be individually adjusted using the forehead support. To do so, the nursing staff gradually changes the position of the mask via the forehead support without moving the patient or having to adjust the headgear, which makes things easier for both the nursing staff and patients.

Dr. Braedel notes: "This makes the donning of the mask efficient for the nursing staff and comfortable for the patient."

ClassicStar plus is free of BPA and PVC

The ClassicStar plus is a disposable mask for non-invasive ventilation. It is available as a nasal mask and as an NIV oronasal mask.

All mask materials are free of BPA and PVC.

The ClassicStar plus is available in four sizes.

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