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Smart Support for Clearance Measurement Processes

The Dräger CSE Connect software solution digitalizes the exchange of information in clearance measurement processes. In addition to the CSE Connect Office web application, the system also includes the CSE Connect Mobile Android app, the Microsoft® Azure cloud and the Dräger Xam 8000. This enables users to complete their measuring tasks more efficiently and economically.

Mobile, reliable, efficient

The CSE Connect Office web application creates measurement jobs based on imported customer-specific master data. A user-friendly interface simplifies the management of all connected smartphones as well as all measurement jobs and their evaluation. The stored data sets can be accessed, filtered and exported multiple times.

The CSE Connect Mobile app enables users to select and edit measurement jobs on a smartphone. The app imports the measured values determined by the Dräger X-am 8000 via a Bluetooth® connection. Manually entering measurement results is also possible. The user can then send the measurement results and further relevant information to the creator of the measurement job directly from the app. All edited and sent measurement jobs can be tracked by the app user.

The quick and secure data transfer between the devices and the cloud enables the exchange of measurement jobs and results in real time. These process optimizations reduce transfer times significantly. In addition, CSE Connect unifies the procedure and increases the reliability of measurement jobs at the plant.

No installation required, low costs

CSE Connect is a software that does not require IT support from the customer’s side. Dräger bears the costs for using Microsoft® Azure Cloud, for  hosting the data, for software updates and for the support functions provided. This software as a service solution reduces the investment risk for users.

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