DERC Salotech High-Pressure Water Jetting and High-Pressure Fluid Control

DERC Salotech supplies nozzles, guns, foot valves, hoses, valves, safety products and services for the offshore industry. More than 25 years of dedication to high-pressure water jetting technology and its spectrum of professional use has made us a quality partner for professionals in the offshore sector.

We service thousands of customers and organisations in more than 40 countries worldwide. As an OEM and VAR, we are committed to safety, solutions and innovation. We also offer a wide range of high-pressure hoses, adapters, manifolds and ball / needle valves for measuring and testing with high-pressure fluids.

High-pressure water jetting nozzles and accessories

DERC Salotech manufactures and delivers a complete range of high-pressure nozzles up to 3,000bar.

We supply tube-cleaning nozzles for the following applications:

  • Rigid lances
  • Lancing machines
  • Bended tubes
  • Hoses
  • Hard plugged tubes
  • Rotating lancing machines
  • Flex hoses
  • Internal bundle cleaning machines

Our pipe-cleaning nozzles are ideal for horizontal and vertical rotary cleaning of pipes with elbows, pipes with multiple bends or straight pipes.

We produce tank-cleaning nozzles for three-dimensional cleaning of all kinds of tanks, vessels and autoclaves.

High-pressure downhole cleaning tools are provided for removal of plugs, scale and failed linings. These tools clean irregular surfaces without damaging the well pipe.

We offer a wide range of nozzles to suit various surface-cleaning purposes.

DERC Salotech also manufactures standard nozzles and inserts for all kinds of jetting guns used in general cleaning applications.

High-pressure water jetting guns and foot valves

We offer a complete line of high-pressure water jetting guns up to 3,000bar, including:

  • Dry shut type
  • Dump style type
  • Air-operated dual trigger type
  • DERC electric gun

DERC Salotech offers the Wireless Wave Control System. This system not only introduces wireless technology to control your high-pressure water jetting unit, it also comes with brand new safety features and ergonomic design. In 2012, the Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning Foundation awarded this system their Innovation Award.

We help you to select the most suitable guns in combination with the right nozzles for your specific application.

High-pressure safety products

High-pressure water or oil jets are potentially dangerous and therefore DERC Salotech recommends the use of protection for maximum safety. We offer a wide range of protective products, including:

  • Safety clothing
  • Hose sleeves
  • Hose safety grips
  • Hose catchers
  • Hydraulic protection
  • Jetting boots

Cold and abrasive cutting tools

DERC Salotech designs and manufactures a complete line of tools and solutions for abrasive waterjet cutting applications. As a standard package, DERC Salotech offers a starter kit with a magnetic flex track, power head, control panel, cutting nozzle and an abrasive hopper. For special cuts and specifications, DERC Salotech designs and offers custom-made solutions, such as manhole cutters, pipe bands and internal pipe cutters.

High-pressure fluids and hydraulics

DERC Salotech offers a wide range of high-pressure hoses and related components for the offshore market. Our major fields of application are methanol injection, chemical injection, measurement and high-pressure hydraulics. We are a strategic partner of SPIR STAR, whose hoses have a very small volumetric expansion, a lightweight design and the ability to withstand extremely high external pressures.

In addition, we offer a special range of hoses that are suitable for extremely high temperatures (up to 150°C) and are resistant to most chemicals. We can produce hoses up to 4,500m long, which are used by all major oil companies. SPIR STAR is the only company that can produce hoses with Polyvinylideenfluoride (PVDF), the worldwide standard material for heat and chemical resistance.

High-pressure adapters, tubing and valves

DERC Salotech designs and produces all kinds of stainless-steel adapters and manifolds for very high pressures. We offer a wide product line of valves, including:

  • NPT
  • Medium-pressure needle valves
  • High-pressure needle valves
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves

The valves can reach a working pressure of 60,000PSI, ±4,200bar, and are available in a variety of body styles and tubing sizes to suit any application.

Customised cleaning systems for the offshore industry

High-pressure water jetting and innovation is part of our DNA. Our engineers will assist you in the design, research, development, selection, testing, feasibility study and manufacturing of the most effective, innovative and safe cleaning solutions for your organisation or specific offshore cleaning application. Please use the form below to tell us what you need and we will get back to you with a solution.

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DERC Salotech

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