Aero-Flex is a leading provider of robust flexible tubes, pipes and hose systems that are manufactured in accordance with clients’ individual size, pressure, temperature and material specifications to ensure consistently high-performance in subsea environments.

We use process-optimised production techniques to fabricate a wide selection of custom machine components, including nuts, bolts, fittings and other assorted parts for a variety of offshore applications.

Customised metal hose systems for marine applications

Aero-Flex offers a range of high-quality, cost-effective corrugated annular hoses and braids in both hydro-formed and mechanically formed variants, which are carefully optimised for deployment in marine locations.

Our products can be fabricated from an array of alloys depending on the intended application, including stainless-steel, titanium and Inconel 625. Bulk hoses are supplied in 100ft boxes as standard and can be cut to shorter lengths to suit customers’ individual needs. Hose reels are also available upon request.

Aero-Flex’s tube, pipe and hose assemblies are custom-fabricated according to customers’ unique temperature, pressure material and size configurations to ensure compatibility with a variety of petrochemical applications.
Our unique flex-tube solutions have been specially developed to reduce maintenance requirements and mitigate vibration levels during operation.
We are able to provide a variety of bespoke hose assemblies ranging from 0.25in-16in in diameter, which are carefully fabricated to meet each client’s required quality and safety standards.

Aero-Flex’s innovative flex-tube systems consist of thin-walled, corrugated metallic tubing with braided wire sheathing welded to heavy-duty end fittings. This process results in the creation of a single, durable joint between the components that reduces vibration, minimises maintenance and facilitates strong connections between other points in the system.

Our metal hose assemblies can be supplied in diameter configurations ranging from 0.25in-16in, and we are able to create bespoke units to ensure compatibility with a variety of operating temperatures, pressures, and chemical resistance requirements.

Robust piping and tubing solutions for natural gas projects

Aero-Flex specialises in the provision of premium-quality, ISO 9001-compliant tubing and piping components to power plants, OEM turbine manufacturers and aftermarket customers worldwide.

Our piping systems are the ideal solution for delivering the fuel, coolants and lubricants needed to operate industrial generators, while more efficient-energy power sources such as compressed natural gas (CNG) also require hard-wearing piping networks for extraction, production and transportation purposes.

Aero-Flex’s range of CNG-optimised solutions includes solid tubing systems and sub-assemblies, as well as versatile hybrid assemblies featuring both rigid piping and flexible components to facilitate cost-effective power generation.

We offer free quotes on every project, enabling clients to select the optimum solution to meet their requirements.

Quality-assured fabrication services for the offshore sector

Aero-Flex manufactures a comprehensive catalogue of critical ship components, which are carefully fabricated using efficient precision machining processes to ensure the safe and reliable operation of clients’ marine vessels.

We offer a wide range of bespoke turbine parts, nuts, bolts and fittings in both individual and bulk quantities depending on customers’ needs, using processes that can be repeated to supply additional or replacement parts when necessary.

Furthermore, our fabrication portfolio includes an extensive selection of pipe, hose and tube assemblies to address a wide variety of applications, while entire multi-part single mechanisms can also be manufactured on request.

Aero-Flex can create non-standard parts from specialist materials such as nickel and stainless-steel alloys, duplex and titanium, as well as any other material specified by clients to guarantee optimum results and compatibility with users’ existing systems.

All products are extensively tested by certified weld inspectors prior to delivery to ensure excellent performance, using processes such as:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • X-ray and radiographic testing
  • Pneumatic pressure and hydrostatic testing
  • Magnetic particle examination
  • Fluorescent penetrant and colour contrast examinations

In addition, our solutions can be specifically manufactured to meet the industry’s most stringent quality requirements, including ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 and PED 97/ 23/ EC, in addition to any customer-specified standard.

Professional testing and maintenance of critical marine equipment

Aero-Flex provides a wide range of testing services to ensure the continued high-performance and reliability of customers’ assets, allowing them to avoid potentially costly system failure and minimise operational downtime.

In addition to leak detection and liquid penetrant inspections, Aero-Flex offers innovative hydrostatic testing services, which are designed to confirm a pipeline assembly’s overall strength and its ability to withstand a given fluid pressure for a pre-determined level of time during operation.

Our professional testing abilities extend to X-ray radiographic and magnetic particle inspections to identify anomalies and discontinuities within the surface of the pipeline assembly. In addition, we can perform in-depth ferrite analyses to provide accurate information on the pipe material’s corrosion-resistance and magnetic permeability. We also conduct cutting-edge pneumatic testing up to 20,000psi for specialist applications upon request.

Furthermore, the Aero-Flex team can carry out thorough cleaning and passivation procedures for customers’ pipelines, which effectively remove excess combustible contaminants and lubricants to protect against corrosion, while ensure products continue to perform at maximum efficiency.

Our powerful oxygen cleaning procedures can be conducted in compliance with ASTM G93, G4.4 or any other national or international standard depending on customers’ needs.