Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for Offshore Applications

Level 3 / 88 Creek Street ,
Queensland 4000 Australia

Level 3 / 88 Creek Street ,
Queensland 4000 Australia

Tutis develops workforce compliance solutions for the oil and gas sector, associated infrastructure services and other industries.

Our platforms are designed to facilitate compliance with corporate policies, procedures and strategies; workplace health and safety (WH&S); industry regulations, and wider stakeholder and community standards.

Risk management and compliance services for the offshore industry

Tutis provides a holistic solution across training compliances such as workforce capability, skillset management and training management for the oil and gas industry. The platform focuses on helping companies to manage compliance risk, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and enable paperless processes.

We configure our solutions to coordinate training course and assessment development and mapping to industry standards, managing updates, version control and release management.

Tutis works with industry professionals and clients to identify market requirements, as well as establish strategic product roadmaps for effective product development.

SaaS compliance solutions

Tutis is a supplier of Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions under a managed service model. Our scalable and secure products can also be run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our holistic compliance software solutions include:

TUTIS_Train for registered and professional training providers, offering compliance processes across all training, assessment, student management and reporting activities. It also features assessment and reporting functionalities such as compliance reports and configurable dashboards.

TUTIS_Enterprise for workforce capability and training functions. Features include mapped assessments, dashboards, reports, skillset and learning management, paperless records management, authorisations and work permits. TUTIS_Enterprise is also available with industry-specific capabilities such as incident management and integration with the international standards database.

Benefits of Cloud-based risk management solutions

Tutis’ four key pillars of assurance (benefits) include:

  • Managed compliance risk: improved compliance across statutory and regulatory requirements, including health and safety; industry standards and codes of practice; corporate strategic alignment and corporate policy; cultural, ethical and community standards (reputational risk); and audit readiness and transparency
  • Easy-to-use functions and automated processes, as well as automatically tracked competency assessment, training and authorisation activities
  • Optimal running costs for improved training effectiveness, workforce agility and productivity
  • Reduced paperwork or paperless applications

Cloud-based compliance software

Titus’ software offers automated workflow, full audit trails paperless processes, which allow offshore companies to undertake a wide range of applications such as authorisation, permits and access, induction, training, assessment, competency, and the identification of workforce skills requirements through capability evaluation and skillset gap analysis.

The platform also enables clients to synchronise training courses and assessment development and mapping to industry standards, managing updates, version control and release management.

Integrated human resource management capabilities

Tutis provides integration with common enterprise resource planning / human resources (ERP / HR) systems and has been designed for fitting within enterprise IT eco-systems.

We ensure staff and contractors have the skills to safely and productively perform their roles, as well as demonstrate to stakeholders the extent of training provided and its compliance with industry standards, corporate policies, regulations and community standards.

Our team is committed to delivering compliance assurance and has a strong track record in delivering a wide range of benefits. This includes workforce agility and skillset management, pre-site inductions, staff and contractor onboarding, auditable training records and incident management.

Our platforms also ensure improved performance, regulatory and corporate compliance, and consistent improvement and integration with existing systems.

Tutis provides holistic, Cloud-based compliance solutions, either used by customers themselves or delivered by us as a managed service.

We aim to deliver compliance assurance and help your company achieve this. Contact us to find more.

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