Since 1985 Polycrest has provided technical and commercial management services for operating drilling rigs, accommodation rigs and other offshore vessels on a worldwide basis. We are also capable of providing these services for vessels operating in the renewal energy market such as wind farm installation vessels.

Polycrest is an independent Norwegian management company offering management services for offshore rigs and ships. We are capable of undertaking complete or partial management for vessels on a worldwide basis.

Our services include commercial management, technical (operational) management, management services such as purchasing, insurance services, technical consultancy, consultancy services in health, safety, environment and quality matters, design development, construction supervision, project development and various other services.

Onshore and offshore rig management services

As a well-established organisation, which has experienced and well-qualified employees both onshore and offshore, we are ready, capable and prepared to take on new technical, commercial and operational challenges regarding rigs and vessels.

OFV Polycastle - the future of offshore accommodation and support services.
Polycrest - your complete management services provider.
Polycrest has more than 25 years of experience managing accommodation and drilling rigs in all corners of the world.
Polycrest has an internationally recognised HSEQ management system allowing the company to quickly and cost-effectively undertake work for clients and their vessels around the world.
Polycrest has a dedicated team for vessel construction supervision with a vast amount of experience and knowledge from a comprehensive range of different vessel construction and repair projects.

Polycrest is committed to a good working environment for all employees and therefore enjoys very good access to experienced crew and onshore employees.

Cost-effective vessel management

Our key values are to perform high-quality yet cost-effective vessel management with integrity, to act honestly and respectfully in all business and personal relations, to act with safety for personnel and the environment as paramount considerations in all our activities, and to identify and satisfy our clients’ requirements.

All vessels will be managed to the highest operational and HSEQ standards and at the same time cost-effectively for the owners. Yearly budgets are prepared for the owners’ approval and budget comparisons, accounts and operational reports are submitted to the owners on a monthly basis. The interaction between client and manager can be adjusted according to the client’s needs and preferences.

Semi-submersible and jack-up accommodation and drilling rigs

We have long experience in operating semi-submersible and jack-up accommodation and drilling rigs in the North Sea and the rest of the world.

Commercial vessel management services

As part of our activities we can undertake marketing, negotiations and contractual services for vessels under our management. We will aggressively pursue the market to seek new challenges and activities which fall into our line of business.

HSEQ management system for vessels

During the past 30 years, Polycrest has developed the Polycrest management system (POLMS), which is used in all company activities and operations. POLMS is fully computerised and based on the ISM Code as well as the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

We tailor-make the relevant parts of our system to fit each individual vessel under our management to cater for each vessel’s particularities, the requirements of flag state authorities, class requirements and HSE authorities’ requirements in each country and jurisdiction that the vessels operate in. We are familiar with relevant regulations for a number of jurisdictions.

Our systems have, in recent years, been audited and approved by authorities including Norway’s NMD and PSA (PTIL), the UK’s HSE, Australia’s NOPSEMA, as well as our clients and oil companies.

We have developed successful ‘safety cases’ for UK HSE authorities, Australia’s NOPSEMA, as well as AoC (SUT) for Norway’s PSA (PTIL). We are committed to the ‘zero philosophy’ and have operational and safety track records that we are proud of, which are also highly recognised by oil companies and the authorities.

Insurance services and programmes for offshore vessels

Polycrest has expertise on all relevant insurance covers, underwriters’ survey requirements and approval processes. We operate an extensive insurance programme for a large number of vessels, which means that we obtain very favourable premiums and insurance conditions for vessels managed by us. We are well established with the major surveyor agencies, and are familiar with their requirements for location approvals and surveys.

Associated marine operations and facility management services

We are prepared to manage all associated marine operations such as negotiating and chartering of all kinds of marine and support vessels used to assist vessels under our management. Budgets with criteria for such operations will be prepared, established and followed up for each project.

Polycrest is your complete management services provider. We truly aim to please and satisfy clients at all times. We shall operate the company to high ethic standards, be fair and never compromise on honesty.