Semco Maritime Brings World-Class Offshore Accommodation Solutions to the Middle East

Semco Maritime’s Vietnam office has won the contract to build 16 accommodation modules for the Al Shaheen field in Qatar for Maersk Oil Qatar.

Qatar’s Al Shaheen field is humming with activity. Started in 2006, Maersk Oil Qatar’s ambitious six-year plan includes drilling more than 160 additional production and water-injection wells, and establishing three additional offshore platform locations – all to an extremely tight timeline.

As construction of the new offshore platforms progressed, Maersk Oil Qatar brought in more personnel, all of whom required safe, comfortable accommodation. And, that is where Semco Maritime Vietnam stepped in, winning the contract to supply Maersk Oil Qatar with 16 accommodation modules.

A veteran provider of offshore accommodation units for the oil and gas market, Semco Maritime opened its new Vietnam office in March 2010.

“Our proven track record with Maersk certainly helped us secure the contract,” says Sigvald Vik, general director of Semco Maritime Vietnam. “But our stringent engineering and safety standards also played a critical role. And we have built up a strong network of regional suppliers that comply with our high standards, which helps set us apart.”

Quality accommodation for high morale and productivity

Semco Maritime Vietnam will supply a total of 16 modules comprising galley, accommodation, recreation and toilet / shower units, as well as some units that combine recreation, gym, laundry, and toilet facilities. Spacious and comfortable, the purpose-built modules comply with rigorous regulations and are designed to encourage high productivity, while standing up to high winds, extreme temperatures and saltwater.

Time is of the essence in this project. The contract was awarded in early August 2010 and everything needs to be completed by early May 2011. “This is where Semco Maritime’s expertise in project planning will come into play,” says Sigvald Vik. “The timeline is short, but we always deliver on time. Design and procurement started within days of winning the contract.”

To speed up the installation, all the pre-fabricated units will be fitted and tested in a five-phase process planned with military precision. “We have plenty of experience of running this kind of project, and we plan everything down to the smallest detail,” says Sigvald Vik.

Collaboration between Semco Maritime’s skilled engineers in Vietnam and Denmark is already proving invaluable, giving Maersk Oil the full benefit of working with a global operator that has a strong local presence.

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