Project South Arne Phase 3 Development

South Arne Phase 3 Development is a project initiated by HESS Denmark and partners in order to utilise more oil and gas from their present license. The project consists of several sub-projects, among others a greenfield and a brownfield project. The projects will be concluded by the end of 2012.

The greenfield project consists of two new wellhead platforms. One will be connected to Syd Arne by a bridge while the other will be placed some 2.5km from Syd Arne. The brownfield project includes all necessary modifications on existing South Arne platform in order to receive oil from the new platforms.

Semco Maritime has a long-standing co-operation with HESS and a framework-agreement for modifications on Syd Arne.

“HESS wants to make use of their good relationship with Semco Maritime and Ramboll Oil & Gas, and has opted to make use of existing contracts and framework agreements with the two companies in order to complete the brownfield-project. Semco Maritime and Ramboll Oil & Gas have formed an integrated project team working in one office. And with HESS having an office in the same building, that gives us an immense synergy effect in the project,” says Troels Christensen, who is responsible for the integrated brownfield team.

“The brownfield-project consists of engineering, purchasing, prefabrication, installation and testing and is to be concluded by the end of 2011.”

“The challenge with the brownfield project is that all changes will take place on a platform that is still in production. During the whole course of the project only two shut-downs are planned – one in late summer 2010 and the other in the summer 2011,” Troels Christensen explains.

“Engineering on the project began in March 2010, and is progressing well. Both Semco Maritime and Ramboll Oil & Gas are determined to succeed and to ensure that HESS gets added value, we look forward to one and a half years of good cooperation with both Ramboll Oil & Gas and HESS,” Troels Christensen concludes.

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