Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services, a Vp plc business, is a long established specialist oilfield equipment rental supplier with a unique international base network, providing air and steam solutions to well testing, maintenance, pipeline dewatering and drying, product transfer, underbalanced drilling (UBD), cuttings movement and LNG pipework testing markets globally.

We rent and operate air compressors, steam generators, booster compressors, heat exchangers, dual pot sand filters, coflexip hoses and air treatment ancillaries (desiccant dryers and aftercoolers), designed or adapted to customer requirements. Major investment in our equipment fleet over the last few years has resulted in a most modern rental inventory.

Our highly skilled operator pool is trained and experienced in the servicing and operation of our wide rental fleet and has supported our projects in over 60 countries in every continent. Our customers range from leading oil operating companies, offshore maintenance contractors to major well services providers and specialist oilfield contractors.

Global oilfield equipment supply

Having supported North Sea operations since the mid 1970s, Airpac Bukom has developed a network of six international distribution and servicing facilities located in the UK (Aberdeen and Gt Yarmouth), Singapore, Australia, the Middle East and Latin America. Additionally, local representation in Angola and Nigeria supports our customers’ equipment requirements across Africa. We have a dedicated workforce of more than 100, and are operational 24/7 to satisfy growing global demand for our equipment and services.

Offshore Zone II air compressors used for repair and maintenance and well test activities.
Ingersoll Rand rigsafe air compressors (1,050scfm / 125psig).
Cochran 4.5Mbtu steam generator with methane, propane and H2S (CO2 option) gas detection.
Pipeline dewatering spread, offshore Egypt.
Dual pot sand filter utilised on a well test, offshore Mozambique.

Zone II and rigsafe offshore air compressor rental

Airpac Bukom operates a combined fleet of nearly 500 Zone II and rigsafe air compressors for oilfield applications. Our Zone II range, for use in hazardous areas, is available in three models, offers volumes of 11.3m³/min (400scfm), 21.2m³/min (750scfm), and 25.5m³ (900scfm). Our extensive and modern rigsafe compressor fleet, ideal for use in safe areas, produces volumes of 175scfm through to 1,600scfm and pressure variants from 7barg (100psig) to 12barg (174psig).

High-pressure air compressors / booster compressors

Suitable for applications such as pipeline dewatering and drying, UBD, air drilling and LNG process pipework testing, our extensive range of modern high-pressure compressors produce volumes of 25.5m³/min (900scfm) through to 30.3m³/min (1,070scfm) and pressure variants from 7barg (100psig) to 25barg (365psig).

Several of our boosted dry air spreads, comprising Zone II or rigsafe Joy / Atlas booster compressors (pressures up to 172barg (2,500psig), high-pressure primary compressors and multi-pressure desiccant dryers, are currently supporting high profile LNG projects in Western Australia. Single-stage booster compressors are also widely operated in Europe for gas transfer projects with leading pipeline service companies.

Steam generator / boiler rental

Our fleet of more than 100 steam generators is capable of producing between 4.5mbtu – 6mbtu. Our Cochran steam generators are built to DNV standards with added optional safety features of blow down tanks and CO2 gas detection. In addition, we can offer ASME-standard steam generators to satisfy our customer’s requirements in the Americas. Bespoke 1.4mbtu low weight/small footprint boilers are available to supply high volumes of continuous steam to descale pipework and deluge systems on offshore installations and onshore plants. Teamed with air compressors and heat exchangers, our fleet of steam generators support surface well-testing operations in most oil provinces across the globe.

Sand filters, heat exchangers and coflexip hoses

Airpac Bukom offers the global well-testing market an unrivalled fleet size and comprehensive range of dual pot sand filters, steam heat exchangers and coflexip hoses with pressure ratings up to 15k.

Available from our base network are 5,000psig, 10,000psig and 15,000psig dual pot sand filters and steam heat exchanger units. Our fleet of new 15,000psig units are suitable for deepwater surface well test and clean-up operations. Options include our new high rate 4in ID 10K steam heat exchanger and heli-transportable steam exchanger units. Coflexip hoses include standard 10,000psig Rilsan-lined hoses and high-temperature 15,000psig Coflon-lined hoses, which are available in various lengths and pressure ratings to suit your well test requirements.

Complementing our range of compressed air and steam equipment, we also supply a wide range of multi-pressure desiccant dryers, aftercoolers, oil filters and air manifolds.