Efficient Pumps for Continuous Use

Pumping aggressive or other problem fluids with high displacement and under high pressure is URACA plunger pumps' speciality.Pumping aggressive or other problem fluids with high displacement and under high pressure is URACA plunger pumps’ speciality.

High-pressure plunger pumps, part of the large pump series from URACA, are designed and manufactured for a vast variety of applications with respect to power and pumped mediums, where the machines normally work in continuous operation.

Maximum drive powers range up to 2,600kW, the flow volumes may reach up to 11,000 litres per minute, the operating pressure can be 3,000bar and higher. Dampers on suction and pressure side enable low pulsation and thus reliably and ensure operation of the overall system. A particular advantage is the high volumetric rate of efficiency and the related economical operation of the pumps.

Pumping neutral and aggressive thin-bodied and viscous material, as well as abrasive media, is no problem for URACA pumps, where the temperature ranges may vary from extremely cold (liquid gas) up to very high temperatures.

URACA pumps are used in refineries, for spray tower charging, in detergent manufacturing or fertiliser production, as well as for the processing of residue oils or in coal liquefaction. The high-pressure plunger pumps from Bad Urach are also found in rolling mills for de-scaling, bearing lubrication or for driving large hydraulic forging and extrusion presses.

Pumping various liquid gases under high pressure also plays a major role. Examples are liquid ammonia or liquid CO2, as is used in high-pressure extraction. From the vast variety of further applications we would, at this point, like to draw your attention to just a few types of use related with natural oil and natural gas exploitation, be it as pressure testing pump for pipelines or as injection pump for salt water, methanol or other media.

For physical reasons plunger pumps are always connected with pulsation – irrespective of the make of the pump. These pulsations must in many cases be reduced to be able to meet the requirements of the corresponding system.

URACA supplies pulsation dampers based on the reflection principle, so-called resonators, especially for installation into pressure lines. These dampers are free of internal parts and therefore absolutely maintenance free – a cost advantage that should not be underestimated.

URACA has comprehensive know-how regarding the rating, design and manufacture of resonators. The materials are chosen in accordance with the requirements of the pumped medium.

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