Access solutions specialist Reflex Marine launched a new offshore personnel transfer basket with the smallest footprint and supreme passenger protection features.

The well-established FROG-XT range personnel transfer carriers are the most comprehensive transfer solution for marine crew transfer. They were designed with safety, ease of maintenance, long lifespan and environmental sustainability in mind.

With capacity for two passengers, FROG-XT2 is the latest addition to the FROG-XT range. The new basket was designed to offer a safe, cost-effective and flexible access option even in harsh weather conditions and in challenging access configurations, such as accessing a wind turbine transition piece or a narrow deck of a tanker vessel. FROG-XT2 is the optimal solution for offshore industries with low-volume crew transfers offering comprehensive protection against the risk of impacts and immersion.

With highly durable components, the unit has a long lifespan and users can benefit from simple inspection and maintenance procedures. The basket was developed with support from industry partners Orsted and Seasight Davits. Just like the other models in the XT range, FROG-XT2 has gone through extensive testing in Reflex Marine’s Barcelona site. The compact FROG-XT2 will be extremely useful for crew transfers to and from LNG carriers, liquefaction or regasification terminals or ports and shipyards. FROG-XT2 is now available for purchase or rental.