Recognised global experts in marine personnel transfer, Reflex Marine, has announced that 14 Frogs have gone into service offshore Africa in March and April 2009. This is a record level of activity for the company for one month and brings the total number of Frogs in use in Africa to 70.

The new units are being used by major international operators offshore Angola, Congo, Nigeria and South Africa. Of the 14 frogs brought into service, four are Frog-6’s, which can carry six passengers in comfort.

While risk assessments have shown that crane transfer operations compare favourably with helicopter operations, it should also be noted that crane transfer can be a more cost-effective option.

Philip Strong, Reflex Marine’s managing director, said: “Given the current economic climate and low oil price, operators are reviewing all expenditure and crew transfer is one of these areas. Helicopter operations have been the industry standard for many years, but an increasing number of companies are now viewing vessel based transfers as a safe and cost-effective alternative.”

The six and three man Frogs are widely regarded as among the industry’s safest personnel transfer devices. The Frogs are designed to protect passengers against the four main risks of crane transfers:

  • The feet and suspension system provide protection against heavy landings
  • The frame protects against lateral impact
  • The seats and seat harnesses virtually eliminate the risk of falling
  • The buoyancy enables the Frog to self-right and float if immersed in water

Mr Strong added: “The Frog has been a cornerstone of our business for many years now and to have 14 go into service in one month is a great achievement. It shows that, despite the economic downturn, operators still regard health and safety, in the form of efficient and weather capable transfers, as a priority and that commitment has to be welcomed.”