Offshore Technicians can learn how to correctly inspect and maintain their marine personnel transfer devices at training courses organised by offshore access specialist Reflex Marine. The new program has been developed in response to the considerable interest and demand from operators around the world.

Delegates from companies in Angola and Dubai joined Reflex Marine personnel on an initial two-day training course, held in Aberdeen recently.

A series of modular courses will be held in Aberdeen from 5 to 7 April. Each course will include the design background of each transfer device, legislation, competence, critical parts inspection, checklists, best practice, a hands-on rebuild of a capsule and an inspection and maintenance test. Other training courses area planned for later in the year.

Parallel to its training program, and supporting the end users’ increasing focus on life-long quality management, the company is now establishing formally accredited service centres throughout the world.

David Brittan, Reflex Marine’s operations director, said: “An excellent safety record is achieved through good design, good operation and ensuring life-long integrity. Reflex Marine has spent 10 years developing robust and user friendly FROG and TORO transfer devices. We have provided users with informative and flexible induction and user materials. Now, we are offering increased support for inspection and maintenance and assured lifetime integrity of our clients’ devices.

“We have developed a series of training courses aimed at ensuring the recommended inspection and maintenance schedules are consistently applied. Each training module provides a level of certified competence for a service technician working on each Reflex Marine device.

“The FROG and TORO are used for marine personnel transfer throughout the world, either as an emergency ambulance or as the principle means of crew transportation. Each transfer device can be used as little as three times a year or as much as 57,000 times a year. It is essential that technicians are fully trained in their inspection and maintenance to make sure they are kept in the very best condition and fit for the critical duties for which they are intended.”

For further information on the next FROG inspection and maintenance course, please visit the Reflex Marine website.