In response to requests from our clients, Reflex Marine has now developed the Frog–6, a high capacity unit for six passengers. This new unit is specifically designed to provide substantially increased transfer rates. Operators benefit from reduced crew change times, and, as vessels and cranes are tied up for less time, increased efficiency and reduced impact on other operations. It also results in reduced risk, as vessels spend less time working in close proximity to offshore structures.

Proven Capability

After a decade of operations throughout the world and over a million crew transfers, Reflex Marine’s original 3-person Frog™ has set a new standard for safe and efficient transfer operations. The Frog, proven in demanding applications from the tropics to the Arctic, has demonstrated its reliability in challenging sea-states and extreme weather conditions. It is now widely acknowledged as the most capable transfer device in the industry.

Design Excellence

  • Internal spatial design provides increased capacity, whilst maintaining a compact footprint (only marginally larger than the original three-person Frog)
  • New triple suspension with motion dampening provides exceptional impact protection
  • Integrity confirmed by advanced computerised stress modelling
  • Materials used by the aviation industry ensure high strength and light weight
  • Light weight and compact footprint allow easy storage
  • Improved MedEvac response (faster stretcher handling)
  • The unit has undergone rigorous design and verification programme, including impact testing and immersion trials

Type Approval
An application has been made to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for Type Approval of the product.


Quick release harnesses virtually eliminate the risk of falling:

  • Advanced suspension system protects passengers in the event of heavy landings
  • Stainless steel frame protects passengers against lateral impacts
  • Buoyancy configuration provides self-righting and stable upright flotation

Commitment to our clients

High quality training and technical support materials are supplied with each unit. We also offer a range of client support options including operational reviews, risk assessments and offshore and onsite training.