Reflex Marine Ltd successfully completed its second contract with Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense for the supply of FROG-XT6 to the Vietnamese Navy.

The Vietnam People’s Navy (Hải quân nhân dân Việt Nam), commonly known as the Vietnamese Navy, is the naval branch of the Vietnam People’s Army and is responsible for the protection of the country’s national waters, islands and interests of the maritime economy, as well as for the co-ordination of maritime police, customs service and the border defence force.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense procured a fleet of eight FROG-XT6 crew transfer units in October 2020. They procured the second fleet of another eight FROG-XT6 units in May 2021.

“Our commercial team has been working closely with the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense for several years now and we went through different stages of assessment before we were awarded the first contract in 2020. We are extremely proud that Vietnamese Ministry of Defense and Vietnamese Navy recognised FROG-XT6 as the safest marine crew transfer option that is also very versatile in its applicability on different types of Navy ships and in different operational, training and combat scenarios,” said Reflex Marine’s chief operating officer Sandra Antonovic on a press conference.

Sandra Antonovic travelled to Vietnam in January 2020: “It was our first opportunity to win a Navy contract and the entire team at Reflex Marine worked diligently on this. The trip to Vietnam was the start of closure, so to speak. Soon after the trip, the contract drafts were exchanged and while it took some time to agree on the details, both parties were happy that they agreed on main points.”

Reflex Marine established a service centre in Vietnam and they are ready to provide operational and servicing support to the Vietnamese Navy.