The Reflex Marine webinar series resumes next week. Offshore industry-focused sessions will continue to look at the specific challenges related to offshore crew transfer and/or offshore work at height in any given market segment, from navy and coast guard, across O&G and LNG to OSW including floating offshore wind.

Discussion around crew access and transfer solutions in the offshore wind industry will help kick things off next week and we are looking forward to sharing information about our crew transfer carriers used by companies well established in the OSW universe.

Offshore wind developments are continuing to grow worldwide, with Europe strongly in the lead.  Exciting and progressive changes in the energy mix outlook still leave at least one stumbling block to be dealt with. The most commonly used methods for offshore crew access have significant limitations and are heavily weather dependant.

During this live webinar, we will talk about crew transfer solutions for the construction phase and day-to-day operations of an offshore wind farm. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session giving attendees an opportunity to ask questions about their particular operational scenario.

“Continuous knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices across the offshore industry in all regions remain our focus as we enter the fourth decade of supporting our clients and improving safety offshore,” says the company’s chief operating officer Ms Sandra Antonovic.