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Bronswerk® Heat Transfer provides specialised high-quality and innovative process-solutions and techniques for heat exchange systems. We design, manufacture and supply industrial (shell and tube) heat exchangers, cooling equipment, A-frame condensers and air-cooled coolers (ACC).

Oil and gas heat exchange equipment

Our equipment is produced to meet the requirements of either Bronswerk’s in-house standards or any international specification our customers’ contracts demand. The sizes of equipment can vary from very small to very large and we can work with almost any kind of material. BHT builds tailor-made equipment to meet its customers’ challenging requirements, according to:

  • Size
  • Plot space
  • Power consumption
  • Noise
  • Environment
  • Weight

Lightweight compact header design for heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers with extremely high pressure on the tube side require a solid and exceptionally heavy construction with plenty of material. This all adds up in weight, energy and raw materials. Therefore, we have developed a special design known as the compact header design, which only needs a fraction of the material normally required for a heat exchanger. For example, the construction of an oil rig or floating platform can be significantly lighter thanks to the reduction in weight.

Expanded metal baffled heat exchangers

Our specially designed shell and tube heat exchanger, developed in cooperation with Shell Global Solutions, has multiple advantages for several applications. The expanded metal (EM) baffled heat exchanger guarantees less fouling around the tubes. This results in reduced pressure loss which, for example, is particularly important in gas cooling. Tube vibration can also be prevented with this design.

Ultra-low noise, ultra-efficient fan

As a result of our intensive research programme a brand new fan came to life, the Whizz-Wheel®. The fan is lighter and more silent (4dB(A)-6dB(A)) than the best competing fans. The Whizz-Wheel complies with the strictest sound regulations and has 40% better efficiency compared with currently available alternatives. Its energy consumption reduction is considerable.

Subsea coolers

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is very keen on entering its experience and expertise in the field of subsea solutions into new projects. With an underwater heat exchanger, what problems and challenges are to be expected? How do you calculate its size?

Efficient heat transfer (cooling) requires velocity and movement. How does that work underwater? How does heat spread underwater near a heat exchanger? What about the growth of algae, corrosion, pollution?

We extensively calculated and simulated the effect of tidal movement and natural draft subsea and developed a subsea cooler, which is now undergoing many years in operation.

Other heat exchange systems and services

Bronswerk Heat Transfer also offers:

  • Air-cooled coolers
  • Shell and tube, bajonet and double-pipe heat exchangers
  • Unfired heaters
  • Vaporisers
  • Compact header design
  • Self-cleaning ‘Klarex’ heat exchangers
  • Falling film evaporators
  • EM baffled heat exchangers
  • Axial ultra-high efficiency fans, Whizz-Wheel
  • Ultra compact pump compressors and turbines
  • Commissioning
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • On-site construction
  • Training, after sales and services

Bronswerk Heat Transfer at Powergen Las Vegas 2015

Bronswerk provides solutions for challenges in heat transfer and fluid flow systems. Wherever industrial cooling processes are required or cooling processes lack capacity, we offer our clients tailor-made solutions that are innovative, simple, effective and require minimal investment costs.

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