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Neftegaz Engineering

Oil and Gas Equipment and Services for Offshore and Onshore Projects

29 Shvetsova street,
Saint Petersburg,
Russian Federation,

29 Shvetsova street,
Saint Petersburg,
Russian Federation,

Established in 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Neftegaz Engineering provides rendering services and process facilities for the development of offshore and onshore oil and gas projects, as well as chemical industry objects.

Neftegaz Engineering offers solutions for the design and development of new products, equipment deliveries, and services for oil and gas companies operating offshore and onshore.

We are always glad of long-term cooperation and partnership. Continuous operation and solutions related to engineering tasks allow us to determine the most significant issues and provide tools for handling challenges within project development activities of any complexity in an optimal way.

Neftegaz Engineering specialises in rendering packages of engineering services in the development of oil, gas and chemical industry projects, from the exploratory design of engineering solutions to the execution of complete work cycles.

Oil and gas engineering services and process facilities

Our main areas of activities include:

  • Rendering engineering services in developing objects’ infrastructure and appropriate consulting services
  • Supplying process facilities for the development of oil, gas and chemical industry objects, both offshore and onshore
  • Design, installation, repair and maintenance of video surveillance systems, as well as the organisation of safety and fire protection

Oil and gas engineering packages

Our oil and gas engineering packages comprise:

  • Exploratory design of objects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Survey works
  • Design works
  • Design expertise
  • Algorithmic support development
  • Commissioning and start-up

Our activities related to services in engineering support of object development adhere to a process-based approach that implies control over interconnected and interdependent processes to be performed at different milestones.

All of our activities and products are in accordance with appropriate certificates and licences.

Engineering services for on and offshore projects

The company offers a wide range of engineering services for the development of oil and gas industry projects located both on and offshore. These include:

  • Exploratory design of objects
  • Feasibility study
  • Drawing up technical design assignment for development of an assembly unit, equipment, system and entire object based on customer’s initial requirements
  • Design study and approval in appropriate organisations as per established procedures
  • Detail design development
  • Process engineering while manufacturing parts and assemblies and marking operative decisions on emerging issues
  • Development of accompanying and operating documents
  • Installation supervision and designer supervision over correctness of on-site installation
  • Preparing and holding tender for equipment supply for projected productions on behalf of a customer

Onshore and offshore process facilities

Neftegaz Engineering supplies a wide range of equipment for offshore and onshore oil terminals, oil tank farms, and oil and gas production enterprises, etc., including:

  • Installations for bottom unloading-loading of rail tank cars
  • Equipment for top loading of rail tank cars
  • Equipment for heating oil products and unloading from rail tank cars
  • Equipment for crude carriers’ cargo systems, etc.

The company is an official representative of the largest national and foreign manufacturers. We supply advanced equipment for oil and gas industry needs.

Offshore safety and security services

Security is guaranteed by up-to-date and reliable solutions. Neftegaz Engineering’s services in this area include:

  • Design, installation, repair and maintenance of security and fire protection systems for various applications
  • Upgrading fire and industrial safety systems to comply with up-to-date standards and requirements of normative and technical documentation, etc.

These services are mainly applicable for site access control systems, closed-circuit TV systems (CCTV), security alarm systems and specialised fire-extinguishing systems.

Commercial agent services

The company offers services as an exclusive agent for selling and promoting specific products, equipment and technologies in Russia on the basis of mutually beneficial agency agreements.

Neftegaz Engineering

29 Shvetsova street

Saint Petersburg

Russian Federation