SSAB Durable, High-Strength Steel for Structures, Wear and Protection Applications

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SSAB is a global specialist steel manufacturer, focusing on high-strength steel with high-toughness for demanding applications with service centres all around the globe.

High-strength steel for the energy and offshore industries

The energy and offshore sector has recently shown a great interest in the possibilities of reducing weight and increasing strength of structures. However, the main sectors using high-strength steel are heavy transport applications such as dump trucks, trailers, tippers, excavators, cranes, mining equipment and automotive safety applications.

SSAB’s 40 years of experience in designing products with high-strength steel, together with its deep understanding of applications, allows it to contribute a lighter, stronger and more sustainable industry.

SSAB’s steel ranges from normal classed shipping steels to the absolute top of offshore classed steel at the 690MPa level. The company offers extremely strong steel for both structural, wear and protection purposes, with yield strengths up to 1,300MPa and hardness up to 600HB.

SSAB can help reduce weight without compromising safety!

By using SSAB’s high-end steel, clients can reduce equipment weight, increase service life or gain higher safety to a significant extent. Weight reductions of more than 30% are commonly achieved, as well as service lifetimes that are more than five times longer in wear applications. Furthermore, the company’s protection steels save life and property from hostile enemies.

While using SSAB’s steels, clients also benefit from increased efficiency in the workshop, for example, a 30% reduction in weight and steel thickness will save 50% of the time and cost for welding consumables. The company’s consistent mechanical properties and tight AccuRollTech tolerances give clients bending precision and save grinding time.

Extremely low-alloy content creates good weldability, while cleanliness and dimensional tolerances will provide savings that are independent of the steel grade.

Considering the benefits in terms of the improved performance of clients’ products, the reduced need for steel and the increased efficiency in the workshop, the prices of SSAB’s steel products are very attractive.

Typical applications for SSAB’s top-end offshore steels are:

Structural applications:

  • Jack-up leg structures
  • Offshore cranes and lifting equipment
  • Safety boat davits
  • Winches and deck equipment
  • Offshore wind and wave equipment
  • Ramps, hatches and moving cargo structures

Wear applications:

  • Dredging equipment
  • Bulk cargo lining
  • Loader grippers and buckets
  • Glide plates for jack-up vessels
  • Deck protection on service and fishing ships
  • Glide plates for ramps

Protection applications:

  • Safety rooms
  • Ammunition storages

Weight-saving, long-lasting and protecting steels

SSAB offers a wide range of steel products and grades including classed, those meeting specific norms and standards as well as customer specific grades. The company’s branded offering includes the following:

  • Strenx® performance steel: high-end structural steels
  • Hardox® wear plate: high-end, wear-resistant steels
  • Toolox® engineering and tool steel: tooling and engineering steels
  • Armox® protection plate: protection and armouring steels

Extensive service and analysis tools

When using SSAB’s branded products, an extensive service package is also included.

The company is aware of the challenges that arise when using high-strength steels, and lower thicknesses and weight. Therefore, it offers upgraded products in high-strength steel with the following services:

  • Design support, including best practice know-how from all of SSAB’s different industry sectors. This also includes FEM and load case analysis
  • Forming analysis using FEM and workshop support to optimise processes is both a challenge and a great opportunity since it becomes possible to move welds from critical positions. This is important when having a dynamic load and risk of fatigue
  • Welding and joining support: SSAB’s 40 years of experience in developing and using high-strength steel has led to using a very lean alloying analysis in its steels, which creates fantastic weldability. In its welding and joining service package, SSAB offers knowledge and hands-on support in creating clients’ welding procedures and getting approvals from any classification society. The company can also support in technologies for increasing the fatigue life of welds and joints
  • Wear analysis for optimising the design solution, as well as steel grades for almost all wear applications
  • Production efficiency analysis: one of the most interesting benefits of using SSAB high-strength steel is the potential cost reduction for clients or its supplier’s workshop. The company’s production efficiency group offers an analysis for optimising client’s production process

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