Cape Diving Flexible Turnkey Solutions for the Offshore and Maritime Industries


Cape Diving serves the offshore and marine industries with complete flexible turnkey solutions.

Offshore subsea services

Cape Diving has been providing services to the offshore oil and gas industry since 1998 and has grown significantly in stature, and continues to offer a world-class ever-improving service.

All offshore subsea services are provided in accordance with IMCA D014 as well as the relevant DESIGN document. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air diving to 35msw
  • Surface mixed gas diving to 70msw
  • Saturation diving to 200msw
  • Inspection and work class ROV intervention to 300msw
  • Mobile hyperbaric rescue facility (HRF) rented and operated

Cape Diving and its subsidiaries have a significant resource pool of both experienced personnel and certified well-maintained equipment.

Cape Diving has substantial project experience with a permanent workforce, whose qualifications range from IMCA approved superintendents, supervisors, saturation and air divers to ROV pilots and CSWIP 3.4u inspection controllers and inspection divers.

Cape Diving continues to expand its alliance with other major offshore service providers, respecting and valuing their support, experience and guidance, to enhance and grow its expertise.

Company owned and operated equipment resources include:

  • Six-man 150msw modular saturation system
  • Nine-man 200msw mobile saturation system (three-man bell)
  • Nine-man mobile hyperbaric rescue facility (HRF)
  • Four off surface mixed gas spreads
  • Four off air spreads
  • Two off inspection class Falcon ROVs
  • One off inspection class Surveyor Plus ROV
  • One off inspection class Cougar XT ROV

Offshore project experience

Since 1998 experience has been gained in the following areas:

  • Subsea structure and platform IRM services
  • Subsea completions
  • Inter-field pipeline and subsea completion tie-ins as well as FPSO hook-ups
  • CALM Buoy and CBM installation, commissioning and IRM (air and saturation range)
  • Wet welding (air range)
  • ROV drilling support and pipeline surveys
  • Freespan rectification
  • Field and structure decommissioning

Equipment rental

Cape Diving offers a wide variety of plant and equipment for rental.

All equipment is maintained to the highest standard according to the manufacturer’s recommendations including to guidelines set out by IMCA. Trained operators can be supplied with all equipment.

Equipment offered for rental includes, but is not limited to:

  • Anti-pollution equipment
  • Hyperbaric rescue facility (HRF)
  • Pneumatic plant and tools
  • Hydraulic plant and tools
  • Electric powered pumps
  • Pneumatic powered pumps
  • Warman dredge / gravel pumps
  • Warman submersible pumps
  • Barge / steel and foam
  • Lift bags
  • Dive support vessel
  • Launches / multi-purpose
  • Semi-rigid inflatable boats
  • Rigging equipment

Vessel subsea services

Cape Diving provides services to the maritime industry on a 24/7 basis.

Cape Diving is arguably the leading exponent of major cofferdam repairs in South Africa. Classification involvement and approval is available for projects such as afloat emergency repairs.

Large repairs are undertaken in conjunction with major ship repair yards and all listed classification societies, with whom close working relationships exist.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Class UWILD surveys
  • Subsea video and photographic inspections
  • Subsea hull cleaning operations at selected ports
  • Subsea propeller polishing at selected ports
  • Subsea propeller cropping
  • Cathodic protection and coating inspection and reporting
  • Cathodic protection / topside and subsea retrofitting
  • Sea chest and overboard discharge blanking
  • Stern seal inspection and afloat repairs
  • Subsea hull positioning and inspections onto dry dock blocks
  • Cofferdam installation and shell plating repairs
  • Subsea welding
  • Rudder inspection, repair and replacement
  • Transducer inspection and replacement
  • STS operations
  • Vessel stabilisation
  • Wreck removal operations
  • Pollution control and abatement

Semi submersible rig support services

Cape Diving maintains a proud record servicing all semi submersible and jack-up rigs in client-appointed West and East African ports.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Port and local service provider analysis
  • Mooring analysis
  • Mooring services
  • Mooring equipment procurement, including rental
  • Pneumatic fender rental
  • Modular steel fender barge rental
  • Emergency standby fire pumps and hoses
  • Gangway rental
  • Spools, reels, jackstands and hydraulic spooling unit rental
  • Anti-pollution equipment rental
  • Fast rescue craft standby services
  • Stacked rig security, husbandry and management

Naval support services

Cape Diving maintains a proud record of supporting all Nato naval vessels operating inside of South Africa’s territorial waters.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mooring services
  • Pneumatic fender rental
  • Modular steel fender barge rental
  • Mobile crane rental
  • Brow / gangway rental
  • Shore power (350kva – 1,200kva) generator rental
  • Solid, oil and medical certified waste disposal
  • Cleaning services
  • Vessel perimeter security as per ISPS




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