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Gall Thomson Passes 2,000th Marine Breakaway Coupling Delivery Milestone

gall thomson marine breakaway coupling

UK-based liquid transfer technology provider Gall Thomson has reached a major milestone by supplying its 2,000th marine breakaway coupling (MBC) system.

The MBC is the latest Petal17 design and is destined for Mundra Port in India.

Adani Ports will use the MBC to offload crude oil on a Calm Buoy at one of its floating terminals.

Adani Ports has used Gall Thomson MBCs on its Calm Buoy terminals in India since the year 2000.

Of the 27 Calm Buoys operating in the country, virtually all are fitted with Gall Thomson MBCs.

Gall Thomson MBCs automatically activate and shut off product flow when there is undue tensile load on the hose string or an unacceptable surge in flow. The MBC then separates.

It was very important for Adani Ports that the specified MBC had a proven track record and a unit status indicator system, as per OCIMF MBC recommendations.

Gall Thomson technology has been protecting assets, personnel and the environment for almost 40 years.

Of the 2,000 Gall Thomson MBCs manufactured and supplied, there have been close to 300 activations; 17 of which have been in India.

All have operated exactly as designed, protecting against major pollution events with minimum product outflow following activation.

Gall Thomson has evolved its designs and manufacturing procedures in response to decades of real-world operational, activation, servicing and refurbishment data.

The compact and lightweight design has therefore become the industry standard.

For further information, please contact Gall Thomson via the enquiries form.

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