KLAW marine breakaway couplings and emergency release systems minimise risk of spills and help maintain efficient transfer of oil, gas and other media within the offshore environment.

The KLAW range also includes dry break couplers, Camlocks and swivel joints.

Safety breakaway couplings

KLAW safety breakaway couplings will shut down flow in an emergency and then separate. This allows the transfer flow to stop and a controlled break in the transfer line. This activation is caused by an unacceptable strain on the system or extreme pressure surge.

KLAW breakaway couplings therefore minimise risk of spills and reduce the risk of damage to assets such as hoses and loading arms, injury to personnel, environmental pollution and damage to reputation. There is also considerable reduction in oil spill clean-up costs and extended downtime.

The KLAW marine breakaway coupling is the trusted choice of oil, gas and petrochemical companies throughout the world.
The KLAW ERC is suitable for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore transfer systems and can be hydraulically controlled to allow for extensive flexibility and options for the operator.
The KLAW full bore coupling offers 100% shut-off with no line restriction. This coupling has been designed for the bulk transfer of dry powders, viscous and abrasive media.
KLAW swivel joints reduce stress and fatigue on hoses, aid hose handling and lower maintenance costs and downtime.

KLAW Flip-Flap Valve

The KLAW Flip-Flap Valve is the most reliable and efficient solution to the risk of spillage in the oil and gas industries.

Instantaneous closure with 100% shut-off is achieved even when partial separation occurs. Minimum headloss also offers the highest levels of flow efficiency. KLAW Flip-Flap Valve technology is part of the reason why KLAW marine breakaway and emergency release couplings deliver reliable operations around the world and is the accepted industry standard for offshore transfer operations.

Marine breakaway couplings

The KLAW marine breakaway coupling provides instantaneous double closure with 100% shut-off. The KLAW marine breakaway coupling is located within the hose string and is designed to resists bending moments and the torsional forces expected from the environmental rigours of offshore product transfer.

Typical applications include ship-to-ship transfer, ship-to-shore transfer, ship-to-rig transfer, and marine refuelling.

Emergency release coupling (ambient)

The KLAW emergency release coupling offers all the benefits of the KLAW marine breakaway coupling but with the added advantages of additional control options and the facility to activate without relying on any stress on the hose or transfer system.

One end of the emergency release coupling is fixed within the transfer system with a hose connection at the other end. The ERC utilises the KLAW collar release mechanism and is available with cable, hydraulic or dual release. A manual hand pump override is also available.

The emergency release coupling is part of the emergency release system (ERS) and offers numerous configurations depending on the requirements of the transfer system. For example, several ERCs can be commissioned and remotely controlled within a system, allowing for both automatic and procedure activation.

Typical applications include ship-to-ship transfer, ship-to-shore transfer, loading arm, truck loading arm and hose assemblies.

Emergency release coupling (cryogenic)

The KLAW cryogenic emergency release coupling contains the operational benefits of the ambient ERC but is designed for cryogenic temperatures to -196°C (-346°F).

Typical ERC cryogenic applications include ship-to-ship transfer, ship-to-shore transfer, loading arm, and truck loading arm and hose assemblies.

Full-bore breakaway coupling

Providing 100% instantaneous double shut-off but no line restriction, the KLAW full-bore marine breakaway coupling is the most efficient of its type in the industry.

The coupling fits within a hose string and its full unrestricted bore means it is fully piggable and not affected by clogging. When transferring viscous or abrasive product, this coupling delivers much lower maintenance costs and downtime.

Typical applications include cuttings fluid, well testing, flowback operations and the transfer of any highly viscous or abrasive media such as dry cement, bitumen, and mud and waste products.

Dry break couplers

Lightweight and easy to use, the KLAW QS range of connect disconnect couplings deliver quick, safe and dry connections within the adverse offshore environment.

The QS range offers both twin-handled square and round grips to suit the particular application.

Swivel joints

Swivel joints are designed to reduce stress and fatigue on hose systems and loading arms. KLAW swivel joints extend the life of hoses, aid hose handling and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

The extensive range of swivel joints available from KLAW offers a vast array of styles, connections, sizes, materials and configurations to meet most applications and system specifications.


The KLAW Camlock connects 23 times faster than the more traditional method of flanged hose connection involving draft pins, stud bolts, nuts and torque settings.

Each cam takes only 5s to connect and is impossible to loosen once deployed in a pressurised line.

The KLAW Camlock only requires a single wrench to fit and delivers much improved safety for operators.

Considerable time and cost savings can be made by terminals using the KLAW Camlock.

Advice and after-sales care

KLAW offers expertise and after-sales service either direct or through its global distributor network. Support includes advice, training, resetting and refurbishment, preventative maintenance and service kits.