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Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Co. is a manufacturer of standard and special fasteners, known for our quality products and services. We have designed and developed state-of-the-art patented load indicating fasteners that optimize the integrity of the bolted joint.

Consultation and engineering services are available. We assist customers with the development of special prototype fasteners and have the capability to manufacture fasteners to suit customer’s specifications.

Maxbolt™ load indicating fasteners for accurate joint assembly

Maxbolt™ load indicating fasteners continuously display the amount of tension in a bolt or stud. They offer a simple method for accurate joint assembly, and are the only product available (for most applications) that will continuously monitor clamping force while the fastener is in service.

Maxbolt load indicating fasteners are manufactured by inserting extremely accurate and durable load monitoring mechanical devices into high quality bolts and studs. Now, even inexperienced workers can complete complex assemblies with full assurance that fasteners are at the proper tension.

The Maxbolt also provides in-service monitoring that will warn users of any loosening in order to avoid premature wear, unnecessary down time or catastrophic failure.

SPC4™ load indicating fasteners for bolted assembly

The SPC4™ load indicating fasteners allow users to install a bolted assembly with accuracy and confidence. The user can constantly monitor the clamp load on the bolted joint, whether static or dynamic, by attaching a probe to the datum disc located on the head of the fastener and reading the value.

Tightening tool control systems are available for quick and accurate assembly. Optional data gathering and storage capabilities are also available.

The integrity of a bolted joint is jeopardised when fasteners lose their tension. This loss of clamping force begins during assembly due to elastic interactions and joint relaxation. Self-loosening continues when the joint is put in service due to vibrations, temperature changes, shock and other variables.

The SPC4 allows the end-user to tighten only the bolts or studs that have lost their clamp load, minimizing expensive downtime and saving money. For a minimal investment, the SPC4 offers maximum joint integrity with optimum performance.

Lightweight load indicating meters

The SPC4-402A™ and the SPC4-500A™ are our most popular load readers as they are extremely lightweight and quick. The 402A is the electronic model and the 500A is a mechanical unit. The SPC4-424A is a control box connected through the bolt to the torque wrench.

The unit reads the bolt load and shuts off the torque wrench when desired load is reached. The 424As are used in large installations to achieve a fast and accurate installation and remove any chance of operator error.

The SPC4-600A™ reads and stores bolt load data, providing download capability to a computer for long-term storage of fastener load tracking. Software and cable connection is provided for installation with any computer.

Ball lock washers for reduced assembly time

The ball lock washer system is a solution that dramatically improves assembly time and eliminates the need for a backup wrench. The ball lock washer is a hardened washer that employs the use of hardened steel ball bearings that embed and grip into the flange face and nut bearing surfaces.

This mechanical lock begins to occur during the hand tightening stage and is maintained throughout the tightening process. The result is a technology that reduces the length of time it takes to assemble a joint and eliminates the safety hazards associated with the use of a backup wrench.

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