Brochure of Offshore Installation Services

From mooring systems, subsea structures, spools, jumpers and small platforms, SAL is moving into the world of oil and gas installation.

During the past years, we have become increasingly involved in providing transportation and installation solutions for complex offshore oil and gas projects. With our vessel's spacious holds and large deck areas, we can handle these types of projects extremely efficiently.


The potential of the offshore renewable market is enormous, but generating energy offshore can be quite challenging for both the suppliers and the installation contractors. At SAL we want to help you rise to the challenges of this unique environment.

With our dynamically positioned Type 183 vessels we not only offer tailor-made transport and installation solutions for transition pieces, tidal turbines and wave generators, we also provide feeder possibilities from port to installation site for windmill components.

And with a 20k sailing speed, our vessels are much faster than a transportation barge.

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