Automated Ultrasonic Phased Array System for Pipeline Girth Weld Inspection

Built upon an extensive field experience, the new PipeWIZARD® system offers a highly reliable solution for onshore and offshore inspections in harsh environments.

Pipelines perform a critical function in the global economy, transporting huge volumes of gas, oil, water, and other chemicals. Pipes are girth-welded on-site, typically using automated welding systems. For construction of pipelines, welds are the 'weak spot' as this is where defects tend to occur. Welds are non-destructively tested, coated, and buried or laid on the sea bed. Due to the demanding construction cycle, it is important that weld defects be detected and analysed very quickly.

In the last several years, automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) has begun overtaking traditional radiography as the pipeline weld inspection method of choice throughout the world. Radiography has significant limitations: poor detection of planar defects, no vertical
sizing capability, safety issues, and environmental concerns.

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