2020 Process Manufacturing - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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2020 Process Manufacturing

It’s exciting to consider the massive technological innovations that Industry 4.0 will deliver for the process manufacturing industry in the next decade.

But it can be daunting to recognize that an organization’s current data management system is just not adequate to fully leverage the exponentially increasing data that will be arriving from 4.0’s new connected technologies.

As outlined in this free white paper, some serious and challenging problems arise from data management inefficiencies that cost process manufacturing companies significant time and money and create unnecessary risk. In this free white paper you’ll find:

• Trends and benefits that Industry 4.0 will bring

• A discussion of data-related challenges that process manufacturing organizations will face

• Highlights from case studies of organizations who have met similar challenges

• A self-assessment tool, “Are You Ready for the 2020s?”

• Our recommendation for a powerful, cloud-based ALIM solution based on

Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted cloud supporting 90% of today’s Fortune 500 businesses.

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