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Tekla Software in practice: Lamprell, UAE

Offshore engineering solutions provider Lamprell has been using Tekla 3D BIM software since 2007. The company's staff was 100% 2D-oriented and did not have much previous experience on 3D methods before moving on to use Tekla.

Lamprell Energy engineering manager Suresh Ramadoss said: "Whilst it was quite a difficult job to explain to our staff the underlying benefits of 3D and also to reduce their dependency on 2D software, today the same staff tells me that they cannot work without Tekla, which to me means that the transition was well worth the challenge; coupled with the fact that both our engineering and construction departments are now confident with respect to the accuracy of the drawings."

Tekla can handle larger and more complex projects compared to other 3D modelling solutions and can be utilised from initial concept studies, including 4D visualisation, to the design of structures, safety systems and sustainability, and all the way from commissioning and modifications to eventual decommissioning.

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