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Vendor Document Management and the Art of Document Control

Vendor document management - sometimes referred to as deliverables management - is a highly complex process. The control of documents plays a vital part in bigger and more complex capital projects with globally diffuse supply chains, the importance of handing over correct and updated materials for operators, and the pressure to reduce risk, project slippages and cost overruns.

As with all business challenges there are a host of options. Should you outsource or customise a document management platform, keep it on premise or trust it to the cloud? Is it better to implement a completely separate solution or integrate with existing systems?

This white paper attempts to simplify these issues through a systematic approach to vendor document management. It will examine the characteristics of a vendor document management system and take the reader through some of the key stages of the workflow.

Get it right and the benefits will be an effective, seamless and flexible solution to help ensure projects are completed on time and on budget delivering value and profitability to the projects and organisations that depend on them.

Get it wrong, however, and you are potentially facing huge pressures on resources, time lost chasing suppliers, project slippages, cost overruns and potentially damaging disputes with suppliers and regulators.

Download this free white paper to find out more.

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