EMAT Guided Wave Tank Inspection Technologies

Advanced Corrosion Technologies and Training has released a white paper on EMAT guided wave tank inspection technologies.

The white paper gives an over view of the one of the services the provided by the company.

Tank applications

  • Shell, roof and floor scanning
  • Lap joint inspection
  • Corrosion detection in the HAZ of the welds
  • Scan over most riveted joints

Tank scanner

Large areas are inspected economically:

  • Remote operation with no scaffolding
  • Inspects area between tractor treads
  • Crawls over welds
  • Inspects welds with a straddle weld, though transmission method; as well as adjacent to weld, with pulse echo for better sizing
  • Large and small tanks
  • To find out more, download this white paper.

To find out more, download this free white paper.