Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 17

20 March 2014 (Last Updated September 21st, 2020 14:10)

In this issue we look at how India’s 21st century growth could be stifled, find out about the US export ban, look at the issues that oil and gas fire safety are facing, profile the world’s first subsea DAS system, explore whether CO2 can be stored in rock formations, discover the Papa Terra field and much more

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 17

Issue 17

As India continues its 21st century growth, we find out whether the country can satisfy the surging oil and gas demand, in addition to looking at the US export ban on crude oil.

In the latest issue, we also learn how Shell and QinetiQ offshoot OptaSense are in the process of developing the world's first subsea DAS system and discover if CO2 be stored in rock formations beneath the seabed.

Moreover, we profile the heavy crude oil Papa Terra field in Campos Basin, Brazil and look at the obstacles that the offshore oil and gas fire safety has to overcome.

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In this issue

The Far East
India's exceptional 21st century growth is threatened by the cost of importing oil and gas to satisfy surging demand. Chris Lo explores if the country can secure the hydrocarbon supply needed to fuel its future.
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Lifting the Export Ban
The international energy market has changed a lot in the past 40 years, yet US restrictions on the exportation of crude oil remain in place. Adam Leach asks why US law has stayed the same, while the energy landscape has changed.
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Fighting Fires
Offshore oil and gas fire safety has improved considerably over the years but there are still new challenges to overcome. Heidi Vella gets the low down on the issues facing offshore fire safety.
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Building For Marine
In partnership with Shell, QinetiQ offshoot OptaSense is in the process of developing the world's first subsea DAS system. Ross Davies gets the low-down on the challenges associated with marinising technology.
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Delivery to the Deep
With carbon capture and storage proving difficult to implement onshore, can CO2 be stored in rock formations beneath the seabed? Chris Lo speaks to NPD's project director for CO2 storage, Eva Halland, to find out more.
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Papa Terra Field
Papa Terra field is a heavy crude oil field in block BC-20 of the Campos Basin.
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Next issue preview

The Canadian government has revised its energy safety and security legislation in a bid to modernise safety and security for the offshore industry in Canada. In our next issue, we take a look at the new legislation and garner industry and environmentalist's reactions.

Also, we ask how geopolitical tensions can threaten to derail oil and gas investment, round up the latest cutting-edge industrial gaming and cybernetic technologies on the market for the offshore industry and catch up with the latest developments in offshore lifting technology.

Moreover, we find out more about the most recent round of offshore licensing for the North Sea and profile the Kinnoull oil reservoir in the central North Sea.

Look out for our Safety & Security Special Issue which will be out on 5 June.

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