• The Psychology of Safety

    It has been 20 years since the Piper Alpha disaster but, as Dr Gareth Evans finds out, safety issues still prevail.

  • Passionate About… Materials

    Hugh Williams of IMCA continues his look at topics that raise passionate feelings amongst offshore specialists. This month... materials.

  • The Price of Nigerian Oil

    Nigeria is one of the world's richest oil and gas zones but is still held back by civil unrest. Fleur Doidge reports.

  • Offshore in Asia

    As the Asian tiger economies continue to grow apace, demand for oil and gas in the region has never been greater. Dr Gareth Evans reports.

  • Passionate About… Surveying the Seas

    What a career in offshore surveying has to offer you – a first hand account from survey engineer Ian McKenzie. Hugh Williams of IMCA continues his look at the passions...

  • The Digital Revolution – Technology for Oil

    Dr Gareth Evans takes a look at the technology that is making industrial process automation a reality. It is putting more money into offshore pockets while increasing recovery and production...

  • Is StatoilHydro the Next Super-Major?

    Following the StatoilHydro merger, what does the future hold for the world's biggest offshore operator? Can they break into the top tier? Paul French investigates.

  • Slip-Sliding Away

    Can we grapple with the problem of tanker disasters as the world hopes for a more efficient oil and gas industry? Fleur Doidge reports.


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