• Offshore in Asia

    As the Asian tiger economies continue to grow apace, demand for oil and gas in the region has never been greater. Dr Gareth Evans reports.

  • Passionate About… Surveying the Seas

    What a career in offshore surveying has to offer you – a first hand account from survey engineer Ian McKenzie. Hugh Williams of IMCA continues his look at the passions...

  • The Digital Revolution – Technology for Oil

    Dr Gareth Evans takes a look at the technology that is making industrial process automation a reality. It is putting more money into offshore pockets while increasing recovery and production...

  • Is StatoilHydro the Next Super-Major?

    Following the StatoilHydro merger, what does the future hold for the world's biggest offshore operator? Can they break into the top tier? Paul French investigates.

  • Slip-Sliding Away

    Can we grapple with the problem of tanker disasters as the world hopes for a more efficient oil and gas industry? Fleur Doidge reports.

  • Dig Deep

    Well-by-well production allocation in subsea clusters is challenging without separate test-lines. Subsea and downhole measurement devices can help, but may prove unreliable. As Norbert Dolle, reservoir engineer for Shell, explains,...

  • Solving the Water Problem

    Oil and gas production companies have always faced the problem of how to treat or dispose of produced water. Stricter environmental controls have added pressure to the issue. World Expro...

  • One to Watch

    Trevor Grose, BP senior petroleum engineer, tells Barry Mansfield about the company's focus on technology surveillance. He also talks about the role of new data mining methods.

  • Big Returns from Small Players

    As the money comes rolling in from inflated oil prices and increased demand, R&D is starting to flourish. But as Guy Richards finds out, it is not the big players...

  • Model Behaviour

    World Expro talks to Harvey Goodman, a research consultant at Chevron Energy Technology Company. He tells us how improvements in the geological and geophysical modelling techniques used in exploration have...


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