• Feeling the Structural Strain

    International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) chief executive Hugh Williams calls on the industry to work together. A concerted effort is needed to keep fatigue in structural engineering to a minimum.

  • Standing Up Against Nabucco

    EU leaders have formalised plans for the union-wide Nabucco gas pipeline project. However, as Natalie Coomber discovers, others are also plotting to take a share of the market.

  • Finding Comfort Out of Depth

    Around the world, access to offshore oil and gas fields is becoming increasingly vital for political stability and energy security. A report by Global Markets Direct shows how in response...

  • Offshore on Obama’s Terms

    President Obama's policy for oil and gas drilling and exploration cannot be isolated from his larger energy plans. His strategy is designed to make the US a frontrunner in global...

  • Rotterdam Builds LNG Gateway

    With an easy entry route to and from the North Sea, Rotterdam was an obvious location for a super-sized LNG port and terminal. Natalie Coomber reports on how the Netherlands...

  • Plan with a Purpose

    Maintenance planning is often the key to efficiency and productivity gains in the oil and gas sector, and aligning the planning process with broader operational management strategy can make a...


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