• Super Store

    Stewart Robinson of the UK's DTI explains the running of a national data repository for oilfield operational management.

  • Pressure Points

    From tight supply constraints to global warming, the oil industry is facing several unprecedented but crucial challenges. John W McDonald, vice president, strategic planning, at the Chevron Corporation examines how...

  • The Road to Recovery

    The oil and gas industry is investing heavily in technologies that enable hard-to-reach reserves to be fully exploited. But which technologies are going to deliver the greatest rewards? Barry Mansfield...

  • Pipeline Guerrillas

    From terrorism in Mexico to oil theft in Nigeria, oil companies are scrambling to secure their pipelines. Catherine Lafferty explains how they are trying to keep the economies that rely...

  • Offshore Skills in Crisis

    Demand may be up for offshore industry produce but do we have the skills and staff to be able to take advantage of this?

  • Challenging Russia

    With Europe becoming more dependent on imported fuels, the prospects for the Russian export industry should be good. Russia has oil but just what will happen to its reserves is...

  • Bypassing Malacca

    Iran is forming new relationships that will help it distribute oil, no matter what the US or the rest of the world says. Richard B Gasparre takes a look at...

  • Sakhalin-1– Beyond the Controversy

    Since drilling deeper than ever before, Sakhalin has grinded its existence into the mind of the offshore industry. John Howes takes a closer look at what, from an engineering perspective,...

  • Surviving the Storm

    Oil rig engineers are finding innovative new ways to stabilise rigs and protect the US's oil supply. With the Atlantic basin still caught in a ten-year stormy cycle, and the...

  • Vital Support

    Major oil and gas operations would scarcely get off the ground without a strong network of logistics professionals. Matt Willey investigates the invisible hand working behind the scenes.