• Supplies Uncertain for Eastern Europe

    The stability of gas supply has become an issue of increased importance in Europe of late. While Russia and the former Soviet states are embroiled in disagreements over gas prices,...

  • Gass on Gas

    John D Gass looks at how to improve the supply chain for natural gas as demand escalates in the coming years.

  • The Meaning of Safety

    Total's Jean-Marc Jaubert looks at what safety means for the firm and how the strategy is permeating all business areas.

  • LNG and the Dash for Gas

    Rising demand is turning liquefied natural gas into an increasingly strategic concern. Will Ollard looks at the key reserves, and their accessibility to the principal markets.

  • Lower Costs and Higher Yields in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is a key strategic producer of oil and has an influx of foreign companies bidding to develop its reserves. World Expro looks at the recent announcements of David Woodward,...

  • An FPSO for the Faroes

    The Faroese continental shelf is of increasing interest as technology allows production in deeper waters. Development of the Chestnut field has been facilitated by an innovative approach to floating production,...

  • Oil Prices: Where to Now?

    Oil prices are on the rise. Many believe this rise is simply due to increasing world demand for oil. However, others are beginning to wonder whether we have less oil...

  • Making Light of Heavy Oil

    The high viscosity of heavy oil makes it extremely problematic to transport by pipe. However, a study by A Bensakhria, Y Peysson and G Antonini of the Institut Fran├žais du...

  • Managing Risk Through IT

    Recent reports have shown record earnings by oil and gas companies. Ernst & Young's Steven Pegolo and Donald Gauci advise investing the extra revenue in IT.

  • Norway Gets Serious About Safety

    The Norwegian petroleum industry is committed to continual improvement in health, safety and environmental standards. It is also focused on the development of innovative techniques to ensure that this improvement...

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