• Heavy Weather

    Nigel Ash investigates how Shell has coped with operating in the harsh and 'treacherous' Orman Lange gas field.

  • Knowledge is Power

    Huw Kidwell reports on a range of new technologies providing oil and gas producers with well data in real time.

  • Model of Safety

    A step change in major hazard safety practices on offshore installations is being achieved through exemplary leadership. Tony Blackmore, an operations manager for the UK's Health and Safety Executive, explains...

  • Well Connected

    The digital oilfield is being described as a revolutionary step in the effort to improve efficiency in the oil industry. But does this apparent panacea for a hard-pressed industry really...

  • Crunch Time

    Lawrence Eagles, head of the oil division at the International Energy Agency, offers an overview of oil demand and supply. Looking at upcoming regions he examines how international policy, pricing...

  • Pipe Dreams

    Pipelines are crucial to energy delivery, especially when energy companies are under pressure to discover new resources. Sergio Kapusta of Shell International BV tells Jim Banks about the advances that...

  • Numbers Game

    Without universal assessment standards for oil and gas reserves, a global overview remains elusive, writes Nigel Ash.

  • Sea Change

    The Association of British Offshore Industries has come a long way from its roots in the North Sea three decades ago. It has successfully adopted an international dimension and a...

  • Flow Notion

    Dr Siva Subramanian of Chevron explains to Nigel Ash the demands deepwater oil and gas recovery places on pipelines.

  • Pipeline Guerrillas

    From terrorism in Mexico to oil theft in Nigeria, oil companies are scrambling to secure their pipelines. Catherine Lafferty explains how they are trying to keep the economies that rely...


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